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I'm trying to find a program for downloading called outlookswitcher.exe

Apparently, you need this if you've lost your palm installation disc. The
downloaded desktop software from palm is not sufficient on it's own. and
this extra program is necessary. A desktop software disc image would be even
better but I'm not holding my breath!

I had my disc stolen a couple of months ago and palm have been extremely
unhelpful. They are difficult to contact (especially if you don't want to
pay loads of fees) and they don't allow feedback easiliy so I don't see that
this is going to improve anytime soon. As much as I like palm over pocket
pc, the extra hassle generated by palm means I'll probably switch next time.
A great shame.

FWIW I'm XP, outlook 2003, tungsten T3 and I use docs to go and keysuite.

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