Options for BT w/Sony Clie NX70v?

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I know of the Sony memory stick-based bluetooth adapter, but am wondering
if it has any built-in memory?   If not, what are my memory + bluetooth
options for my Clie?  Just the memory stick BT adapter?   Does anyone make
drivers to support CF-card BT adapters?  All the drivers I've seen only
support CF memory cards.

Thanks in advance.

Scott, Boston MA

Re: Options for BT w/Sony Clie NX70v?

On 05 May 2005 10:54:42 GMT, scott@mit.edu (Scott Ehrlich) wrote:

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Palm & BT
If you want a good place to start looking at Palm & Bluetooth then
here is a good start:


CF cards:
Belkin produce a BT CF card. they label it for PDA's...

http://catalog.belkin.com/IWCatProductPage.process?Merchant_Id=&Section_Id=200663&pcount=&Product_Id=169088&Section.Section_Path=%2F%2FRoot%2FBluetooth%2F #

Given the NX70's proprietry CF slot though I don't know if it will
work. But I guess that's your main question.

Sony Memory Stick BT:

The BlueTooth adapter as far as I know has no built in memory and I
have not seen any other memory stick bluetooth devices on the market.

It is likely we will not see this development in the future because
more new devices either have it integrated or are using wifi etc...

Also bluetooth as a protocol is still not fully developed, is slow and

Bit of background on the sony device:

Sony Developing Bluetooth Memory Stick

Sony had this great idea for a bluetooth memory stick that would work
on any Sony device called the "InfoStick" (2001) but it never arrived.

Sony then change the name to PEGA-MSB1 and aligned it with the Clie

Bluetooth Memory Stick Coming from Sony

However from what I have seen (Google on PEGA MSB1) it is only PalmOS
based and the palm drivers only run on certain CLIE devices..

I hate Sony. They always end up cripling their devices.

However there should be no real reason why someone who understands
PalmOS couldn't port the drivers across but I guess it's just not well
known enough.

There was actually a prize offered up for the development of drivers
for this device ($1000 I believe) but absolutely no one went for it.

Expansys PEGA-MSB1 forum:

You can also get product doccuments and Palm drivers on above page.

Unless Sony every make a MSB2 version that will work on windows or
other Palm machines I doubt you will see any further development that
is useful to the NX70 and newer NX are not compatible.. so no market.


Re: Options for BT w/Sony Clie NX70v?

Although there are no drivers for CF Bluetooth cards in the Clie, I
believe that there are drivers for CF memory cards.  (The CF slot was
originally used only for special Sony CF cards, such as the Sony WiFi
module, and they did not release memory drivers because they wanted you
to use the MemoryStick slot for memory.  But a third-party vendor,
EruWare,  released a driver that would make most CF memory cards usable
in this slot.  I believe someone else released another driver later as
well).  It may not be trivial to find the EruWare CF Driver (or other
drivers?) any more, but they certainly do exist!

Re: Options for BT w/Sony Clie NX70v?

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Euroware drivers are no longer freely available as the company changed
it's name after a software designer split.

However the regeneration of this driver has left us with two slightly
different drivers.

Do a search for info on both these cards:

*   Athena CF Enabler  ($20+?)

This is reincarnated EruWare drivers and as far as I can tell has a
few more features than the next driver. it however still requires
activation after each soft reset I believe.

*  CF Magic

This is a driver developed by another person who was a developer at
EruWare. It has the advantage of self starting after a reboot.

*  Other drivers

There are also hacked drivers for the NX series that allow use of the
CF slot.

I'm not sure any of these allow for BlueTooth.....



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