Opera Mini and IBM JVM on Treo 700p

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Has anyone installed Opera Mini to their 700p? It requires the IBM Java VM
which needs to be installed in the internal memory ( I put it on the FLASH
card but it doesn't show up as an application). I'm extremely reluctant to
install anything in the internal memory that doesn't come from Palm, I had
a devastating experience with a Bluetooth Keyboard driver that killed my
650 (fortunately I have the Sprint warranty which will replace your phone
even if you run it over with your car). So my question is, is the IBM JVM
safe? and is Opera Mini an improvement over the built in Blazer browser?

Re: Opera Mini and IBM JVM on Treo 700p

If your worried about installing stuff on the internal try InWatch
(www,stacworks.com). You take a snapshot before you install an application,
then do a compare afterwards, you then have all the files the application
installed (including the ones it usually like to leave behind if you
uninstall), which you can then easily delete if you don't like.

Don't really use my Treo 600 for the internet as its too slow.
Gerry (The MOTH)
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Re: Opera Mini and IBM JVM on Treo 700p

On Mon, 16 Oct 2006 10:58:27 +0100, Gerry (The MOTH) wrote:

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What happened to me with my 650 was that after I installed the bluetooth
keyboard driver the device got stuck in a continuous reboot loop. I didn't
know about hard resets at the time but I assume the tech at the Sprint
store must have. I took it to Sprint, they fiddled with it for an hour and
then they gave me a different 650. BTW that 650 only lasted a month before
it's keyboard failed. It wasn't in a box when they gave it to me so it's
probably one that someone else brought back. When I took that one back
they gave me a new 700p so everything worked out pretty well for me.

BTW you say you don't use the Internet on your 600, you should consider
upgrading to the 700p. EVDO makes a huge difference. Even though the 700p
and the 650 appear to be nearly identical, and they run the same software,
having a high speed connection makes it a completely different device. It
really is a shirt pocket computer now. The 650 was OK for e-mail, the 700p
is better not only because it's faster but because the keyboard seems
easier to use. For web browsing it's night and day. The 650 was unusable
for web browsing, it was painfully slow. The 700p handles it very nicely,
pages load quickly which is the important thing. I'm using Google all
the time on my 700p.

The 700p also handles secure shell well, I can log into my Linux network
using pssh and run Emacs on any of my Linux boxes. Obviously you aren't
going to do a serious amount of work like that because of the tiny screen
and keyboard, but you can launch and kill processes and check log files
which is pretty useful.

Re: Opera Mini and IBM JVM on Treo 700p

General Schvantzkoph a écrit :
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I've intalled the IBM Java VM on my T|C. Works perfectly with Opera
Mini. But Opera Mini is a text only web browser.... :-(


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