oil spill on pda screen

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I really did it with my pda this time.

I dropped a "big" drop of oil on my pda ( On the body and just a little
splatter on screen )

Decided to wipe it off with cotton. Wiped the entire pda including the
thinking that it will help. Then looked at the screen under a bright
light and it was "oily !!"
obviously. But I wasn't thinking straight.

Then I thought to remove the oil with soap.

Rubbed the entire pda including the screen with soapy fingers. And
wiped it off
with tissue paper moistened with water.

Used a hair dryer to "dry" it off.

Alas, the pda is shining clean, but the screen is still oily ::((

What do I do to remove this oil from my screen guys?  ::))


Re: oil spill on pda screen

Be careful with using any solvents - I tried cleaning some muck off my
car instruments with acetone and it wrecked the plastic. If I were in
your position I'd try one of the specialist screen wipes you can get -
I get them free at work but I'm sure they can't be too expensive to
buy. Failing that, some washing up detergent might help, but be careful
not to get any water inside the PDA. Once the screen is clean, fit a
screen protector

Re: oil spill on pda screen

Robin wrote:
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You're kidding?

Acetone is the *last* thing (or after) to use on plastics!

It's most commonly used as a solvent.


Re: oil spill on pda screen

I would not be afraid to use rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) on it. I used
to use it on the LCD of a laptop routinely to get wax off of it. I
realize that your PDA may not be the same plastic but alcohol has never
damaged any plastic that I have used it on so far.

Re: oil spill on pda screen

I thought the instruments were glass faced, but turns out they were
polycarbonate. I had been cleaning something else with acetone and just
thought I'd wipe some glue off the face - live and learn!!

Re: oil spill on pda screen

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What does acetone do to polycarbonate?

Tom "Chemistry Dummy" Lake

Re: oil spill on pda screen

It causes stress cracking/crazing - try rubbing some nail polish
remover on a CD you don't ever want to use again - like a free AOL one
or something...

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