'Not enough memory to complete operation'

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After more that a year working fine with my (Sony-Ericsson W800i) phone, my
SMS application on the Palm Tx now gives the above error message when I try
to check for, or get,  messages from the phone. I can still send SMS
messages fine,  but to download received messages from the phone just gives
the memory error message.

I use bluetooth for the comms, the application is SMS v 5.4.1P and the Tx is
using Garnet v 5.4.9.

Any ideas folks?


Re: 'Not enough memory to complete operation'

After doing a bit of digging around, I have concluded that if you get the
above message it is NOT your Palm that is somehow running out of memory -
rather it is your phone. It seems that after a while as phone batteries
degrade their ability to communicate with the phone fails. This gives the
phone the false impression that the battery is running low. The phone takes
evasive action by turning itself off which can affect its memory, or at
least what it thinks is its memory capacity. This seems to be more likely to
happen when you have loads of music and photos saved and even wiping these
off does not get the desired effect - the phone still thinks that it has
limited memory.

I have not been able to find out exactly what is happening here - but in my
own experience this exactly fits the bill and I for one shall use it as an
excuse to get another phone :-) I'll see it things are fixed as a result.

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