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Hello all.  I'm an IT guy who is (unbelievably enough) shopping for my
first PDA.  I've never used one before, though I have read alot, and I
think I've narrowed the candidates to the Sony Clie' TJ27 and the Palm
Tungsten E (both priced comparably at $200), and will probably pick up
a 256MB expansion card for whichever I choose.

I know Palm has more experience in the PDA business and I really like
the Tungsten E's features, but browsing the web I see a lot of
complaints and criticisms from folks who bought Tungsten E's that were
problematic, and it sounds like dealing with Palm to repair or replace
a dead unit was uniformly unpleasant for all of them.  I see lots of
"I'll never buy a Palm product again. Blah blah blah" type of
experiences from Tungsten E users.

I've not found much feedback from users of the Sony unit in either
way, but what I have found is generally positive.  However, I really
don't need the camera function of the Clie' TJ27, and I hate to be
paying for something I don't require.

The Tungsten E's processor speed is 126 MHz, while the Clie's is 200
MHz.  They are different processors, so comparing clock speeds isn't
exactly apples-to-apples, but there you go.

Can anyone advise me one way or the other?


Re: Newbie needs help choosing

C.A. Duncan wrote:
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Avoid Sony Clie, at the end of this year they will not be selling in the
US anymore. Search google there are articles on it.

Re: Newbie needs help choosing

On 7/23/2004 4:36 PM, C.A. Duncan wrote:
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A couple of months ago I wanted to replace my 2 1/2 year old Sony 610 -
the battery was starting to act up, and it had me nervous. I did all the
computer research, and then went to the store. Though I didn't want or
need a camera either, I wasn't deciding until I saw them, since I was
partial to Sony. Seeing the two of these side by side, the decision was
an easy one for me - I bought the Tungsten E. The screen was clearer and
crisper in both of the stores that had them.

I've not had any problems with my T/E. True, it's only 2 months old, but
I love it, and don't regret my decision at all.

If you aren't in a rush, you might want to wait until 3rd quarter 2004 -
supposedly the new Palms will be coming out then. If the rumors I've
read are true, there may be an updated T/E.

Re: Newbie needs help choosing

Watch out for the Sony's as they won't be sold in the US anymore.
What about service and how long will that take?
I don't have a T/E but I do have a T3.
I runs like a tank and zero problems in 3 months.
I does what it is supposed to do and does it everytime without giving me
Using Agendus, Backupbuddyvfs and UTS Diabetic kit has shown me how powerful
this pda is.
I believe you shouldn't have any trouble with the T/E.
Several of my friends have them and no complaints from them as far as I
The other posts are right. The new palms come out later this year. You might
can get a great deal on a T/E if you wait long enough.
Just a thought.

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Re: Newbie needs help choosing

Haven't tried a Sony, but my Tungsten E has been brilliant.  The one
thing I wish it had is Bluetooth (and Palm's own Bluetooth card does NOT
work in it).  I would also like a longer battery life, although it isn't
much different from its competitors in that respect.

It's a great screen, the processing power is fine and I've had nothing
but excellent service from it.

Personally I would highly recommend the T|E unless you want Bluetooth.


Re: Newbie needs help choosing

Check out the Zodiac 2 by it's got 2 SD slots, onboard
bluetooth, 128mb onboard ram, analog joystick, all metal case, excelent
batttery life (about 4 days of using it 8 or more hours a day) and the best
screen you have ever seen on a PDA. It's got the most solid feel of any PDA
I've owned and seems to have the best fit and finnish to the case I've seen
on a PDA. I've had mine for about 2 months now and can say it's way better
then any of the other Palm OS devices I've ever owned & I have owned 8 of
them over the years.


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