new Zire 72 won't set up

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  have just bought a new Zire 72 (first ever handheld).  After charging
the battery for 3 hours, I turned it on.  It told me to tap a target,
which I did.  It told me to do it again.  Then nothing happened.

I can't get to any kind of setup.  If I reset, it gives me a Preferences
screen and tells me to set the location, date etc but doesn't tell me
how, and I can't make any impact on it.  The four buttons work but I
can't enter any data, tapping and pressing seem to make little or no
difference.  For example, tapping ABC does nothing.  I can't get to the

This is probably me, not it.  Can any kind soul tell me what to do?
Trevor Wright

Re: new Zire 72 won't set up

Trevor Wright schreef (6-11-2004 17:55):
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The 'tapping' procedure calibrates your screen. Since it is not
completed, the Zire probably doesn't know where exactly you are tapping
on the screen (usually you need to tap ~ 10 targets before it is done).
If you can go with the 5 way button to 'Digitizer' in the preferences
(at least thats where I need to go with my Zire 31, I assume the 72 with
similar PalmOS has the same options), you can re-calibrate your screen,
which hopefully solves your problems.


Re: new Zire 72 won't set up

<h.a.heerink-diegeenspamwil@student.nogsteedsgeenspam.utwente.neehierookn> writes
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I wonder if you could describe this is more detail.  I'm a complete
beginner. The 5 way button has v limited functionality.  I can use it to
navigate down the odd menu but don't know how to select or activate menu
items.  I don't know how to get to preferences.

Thanks for your help.
Trevor Wright

Re: new Zire 72 won't set up

Trevor Wright schreef (6-11-2004 21:40):
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By pressing the middle of it you have some similar option like 'tab' or
'enter'. Press it once to make it light up an icon (in my case the top
left), you can move around with the up/down/left/right as arrow keys.
With that, go to the preferences icon and press the middle again, which
will then start.

In preferences, go to 'Digitizer' and press the middel again. Now you
can recalibrate and hopefully the touchscreen will work after that.


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