Need Zoomable Picture Viewer for T5 Palm PDA

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This is directed mainly to those of you who have a Tungsten T5 Palm
Pilot.  The media viewer which comes with the T5 does not have a
picture zoom option.  I would like to have a viewer which has the zoom
in and zoom out option.

I purchased a program titled "Simple View" which accomplishes this,
although it's kind of buggy.  When the picture first comes up, the
keyboard icons are "stuck" to the picture.  You have to zoom out first
to remove the icons, then zoom back in -- kind of a hassle.  Also, when
you pan around the picture, sometimes little pieces of the keyboard
icons appear on the picture.  Very annoying.

Also, the picture files cannot be moved to my expansion SD card -- they
have to reside in the Internal memory, I guess.  I have a 1.0 GB SD
card and I want to use it to store my media files on.

So, I'm looking for another media viewer (jpgs primarily), which has a
zoom feature, and can be used to view pictures which are filed either
in the T5's internal memory or on the expansion card.



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