Need to disconnect and reconnect the sync cable multiple times before I hear the USB conne...

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I have a Tungsten T5.=20
Only recently=20
(since applying the T5 update v1.1 I think - = =
 ), the T5 NEVER hotsyncs on the first try.=20

I have to connect the USB sync cable to the T5, disconnect, and =
reconnect it again, MULTIPLE TIMES, before I will hear the USB =
connection tones.=20

Once the USB connection tones appear, the hotsync proceeds normally.=20

I guess there could be a physical problem with the sync cable; but could =
it be anything else?=20

My computer is a P4 3.4GHz, with Windows XP Pro.


NB I have reinstalled Palm Desktop from the CD; when I click the hotsync =
icon in my taskbar, "local USB" is ticked off; and when I go to the =
hotsync icon on the T5 itself (in the applications menu), "local" is =
highlighted, and "cradle/Cable is selected.

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