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I have a desktop, a laptop and two Sony Clie's and want them all hotsync'ed.

The laptop is a recent addition.  Before it's inclusion I was able to
keep the computer and two Clie's
successfully hotsync'd.  Now I'm having trouble.  One new Contact
originally put into
the laptop is now on one of the Clie's, no longer on the laptop and
never did appear on the other Clie or the desktop.

Is there a certain sequence of Hotsync'ing to make sure all 4 units are
identical?  Or another solution?


Re: Multiple hotsyncs

RogerB wrote:

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Something tells me (having thought about this) that you will need to
synchronise any given PDA with both the desktop and the laptop before
making any more synchronisations/changes, which can cause 'confusions'. The
ideal solution would have probably been desktop-to-desktop(laptop)

Here is my rationale:

Let us say you had an appointment with Mr. Smith at 2PM. You recorded it in
PDA1. You then synchronised it with the laptop. Desktop knows nothing about
it. Synchronising PDA2 with the desktop would be fruitless. Things become
even more complex if the meeting moves to 3PM. You then risk the
possibility of many conflicts.

My advice:

Do it like the gunslingers from the Wild West. Put PDA1 in cradle1 and PDA2
in cradle2. Synchronise both. Then switch the cradles (holsters) and
synchronise both again. This takes the duration of the longer HotSync x 2.


Roy Schestowitz

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