Multiple Conduits - Yahoo and Goldmine

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I feel like what I am trying to do can't be that uncommon, yet I have
searched the groups and have been unable to find a solution.  Please
help if you can.

The goal - I recently acquired a Treo 650.  I use Goldmine at work, I
use Yahoo for personal contact management and personal calendar.  I
would like to get all my Goldmine contacts onto my Treo under the
category of "Business", I would like to get all of my Yahoo contacts in
my Treo under "Personal".  I do not want my Goldmine contacts in Yahoo
or my Yahoo contacts in Goldmine.  I would also like for my Treo to
sync changes in Business to Goldmine and changes in Personal to Yahoo.

For those of you unfamiliar with Goldmine, it has a built in Palm
conduit that actually works pretty well.  In it, I am able to set all
Goldmine contacts to go to the "Business" category and to only sync
with Business contacts.

I downloaded the (free) Intellisync for Yahoo, and it also lets me set
rules on what gets synced between the Palm and Yahoo.

So I should be good to go, right?  Nope. I get a message that says, "A
conflict in the installed conduits has been detected."

Is there anyway to do what I am trying to do?  Is there a way to bypass
the multiple conduit error?  Do I want to?

Thanks in advance for any and all help.

Re: Multiple Conduits - Yahoo and Goldmine

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What happens if you set up your work environment to ignore Yahoo, and
your home environment to ignore Goldmine?  It is just a setting in the
respective HotSync Custom options to Do Nothing in the one that does not


Re: Multiple Conduits - Yahoo and Goldmine

When you say "work environment" and "home environment", are you
refering to syncing with two different computers or only one?  If you
are talking about only one, I have no idea how to do what you are
referring to.  Can you please elaborate or point me toward a resource?

Re: Multiple Conduits - Yahoo and Goldmine wrote:
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I assumed that you are indeed syncing with two computers: one at home
and one at work.  If this is the case, set each computer up in Hotsync
Manager to "do nothing" for the conduit that is not used at each

If you are doing the syncing with only one computer, try syncing twice:
once to Goldmine with Yahoo set at "do nothing" and then a second time
to Yahoo with Goldmine set at "do nothing".  If you do this do you get
the error?  If you do then there is a some kind conflict that cannot be


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