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How do I get mp3's onto my new Tungsten E? I've got realplayer on my
PC, but whenever I try to drag and drop the files in it says "Not
enough room on card" which is bollocks.

I read somewhere here about Windows Mungrel Player being able to do
it? Is that true? All my CDs on my pc are in WMA format so i'd prefer
to not have to rip them all again.



Re: Mp3 for Tungsten E

Brent Strahan schreef (23-11-2004 3:48):
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Those two don't work together, at least not with the real player which
only plays MP3 files (as far as I know). Perhaps MMPlayer can do the
trick (at least it plays .ogg files).

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I don't know to where you are dragging it. A lot of files can only be
placed on an external (SD) memory card, including music files. So if you
are dragging it to the internal memory it will give an error. Also
hotsyncing files that can't be read by a program on the Palm could give
strange errors (like this one).


Re: Mp3 for Tungsten E

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Real Player only plays MP3 files. You need PocketTunes to play WMA files.
You will need to get a card reader to be able to transfer the files to your
SD card. Wait for a sale- you shouldn't have to pay more than $10.00

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