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My mum has retired and has to return her Ipaq to her employers.  Given
that she uses it mainly for a few games and basic spreadsheet functions,
I've suggested that a 130 Tungsten E2 is a better bet than a
replacement Ipaq 2210.

Is there an easy way I can give her to move all her data from the Ipaq
to the Palm?  I have no idea where her P will store the contacts
details, etc if the best way were to do the transfer inside Win XP.

A google search returns almost entirely Palm -> Pocket PC pages, so this
is either very easy or I'm swimming against the tide...



Re: Moving Pocket PC to Palm

Nik schrieb:

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The PalmDesktop is able to import different things, so maybe it can
import data from Outlook or CSV-Tables.

You can Download the PalmDesktop for free and see if you manage to get
the data in there.

Re: Moving Pocket PC to Palm

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I just switched from a Viewsonic V-35 Pocket PC to a Palm Tungsten E with
no problems, but I was using MS Outlook for my Contacts and Appointments
before and I still am.  Both platforms sync with MS Outlook...all you
have to do is install the Palm software and then sync with your computer
and all the stuff from M Outlook (Contacts, Appointments, Notes) will be
transferred to the new Palm.

I do miss being able to sync with MS Money without paying for any extra
software though.  Also, all my beautiful screen savers of scantily clad
women are no more, but then mum probably wouldn't be interested in that

John E. Golden

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