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My mum has retired and has to return her Ipaq to her employers.  Given
that she uses it mainly for a few games and basic spreadsheet functions,
I've suggested that a 130 Tungsten E2 is a better bet than a
replacement Ipaq 2210.

Is there an easy way I can give her to move all her data from the Ipaq
to the Palm?  I have no idea where her P will store the contacts
details, etc if the best way were to do the transfer inside Win XP.

A google search returns almost entirely Palm -> Pocket PC pages, so this
is either very easy or I'm swimming against the tide...



Re: Moving Pocket PC to Palm

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You could beam everything perhaps.
Perhaps sync the Ipaq to outlook and then outlook to the Palm?

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Re: Moving Pocket PC to Palm

When setting up the Tungsten E2, the software should detect that Outlook is
already installed on your mothers PC, and will give you the option to a) Use
the Palm Desktop b) Use Outlook as your PIM.

Palm Desktop needs to be installed as it will allow you to add media etc to
the Palm device etc.

My T5 syncs to Outlook and I have never had any problems or conflicts.

and will
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Re: Moving Pocket PC to Palm

Assuming you have outlook installed on the pc you sync with, there
should not be a problem.

Some software providers even even allow you to do a deal with the
software that runs on both platforms. When I switched one, company gave
me a discount code and allowed me a one time high discount on all
registered software I replaced. Another let me have registered
replacements for free.


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