memory stick/wireless combo?

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Is there such a thing as a combined memory stick/wireless card? Indeed, is
such a device possible?

Re: memory stick/wireless combo?

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It is probably technically feasible to build such a combo, but the
question would be why?

There are a couple of key features of memory sticks that make them so
useful. They are small and very portable and get there power
requirements from the computer they are connected to. Adding wireless
capability would significantly increase the size. Not only is there
additional electronic needed but there is the antenna than cannot be
made arbitrarily small.

And if you want to do more than just combine functions, that is say
allow the combo card to talk to one computer wirelessly without being
connected to a second computer, then you will need to add a power supply
and some sort of input mechanism. This will make the combo card even
more bulky than a single memory stick.

The point is, I think such a combination would cost more than either of
the individual items and be sufficiently more useful than either one of
the functions by themselves to warrant the additional cost.

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