Medical PALM pilot programs (AKA PDA programs) in full working versions.

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Medical PALM pilot programs (AKA PDA programs) in full working

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1=2E Epocrates software - Epocrates Essentials

2=2E e General Medical - PDA Software

3=2E  skyscape: mobile solutions for medical professionals

4=2E  Stedman's


1=2E Epocrates software - Epocrates Essentials

1=2E1 Epocrates Rx Pro premium drug and formulary reference

1=2E2 Epocrates SxDx premium disease reference and integrated symptom
assessment tool

1=2E3 Epocrates Lab premium diagnostic and laboratory test reference

    Epocrates Addons

1=2E4 Epocrates MedTools

1=2E5 Epocrates MobileCME


2=2E e General Medical - PDA Software


2=2E1 5 Minute Clinical Consults

2=2E1.1 Rosen and Barkin's 5-Minute Emergency Medicine Consult, Second

2=2E1.2 The 5 Minute Clinical Consult for Dental Professionals

2=2E1.3 The 5 Minute Herb & Dietary Supplement Consult

2=2E1.4 The 5 Minute Infectious Diseases Consult

2=2E1.5 The 5 Minute Sports Medicine Consult

2=2E1.6 The 5 Minute Toxicology Consult

2=2E1.7 The 5-Minute Neurology Consult

2=2E1.8 The 5-Minute Orthopaedic Consult

2=2E1.9 The 5-Minute Pediatric Consult, Third Edition

2=2E1.10 The 5-Minute Veterinary Consult Equine

2=2E1.11 The 5-Minute Veterinary Consult: Canine and Feline, Third

2=2E1.12 The American Heart Association Clinical Cardiac Consult


2=2E2 Alternative Medicine

2=2E2.1 Drug Interaction Facts: Herbal Supplements & Food

2=2E2.2 Guide to Popular Natural Products, 3rd Edition

2=2E2.3 Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database 2004

2=2E2.4 Nursing 2004 Herbal Medicine Handbook


2=2E3 Board Reviews

2=2E3.1 Cardiology Intensive Board Review

2=2E3.2 Fast Facts: Orthopaedic Review

2=2E3.3 Review of Clinical Anesthesia, Third Edition


2=2E4 Calculators

2=2E4.1 AJCC Cancer Staging Handbook & Calculator


2=2E5 Cancer

2=2E5.1 Handbook of Breast Cancer Risk-Assessment

2=2E5.2 Handbook of Cancer Chemotherapy, 6th Ed.


2=2E6 Coding

2=2E6.1 International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision,
Clinical Modification


2=2E7 Consumer/Patient

2=2E7.1 AHFS Patient Drug Information

2=2E7.2 Risk: A Practical Guide for Deciding What's Really Safe and
What's Really Dangerous in the World

2=2E7.3 The Yale University School of Medicine Patient's Guide to Medical


2=2E8 Diet & Nutrition

2=2E8.1 Nutrition and Diagnosis-Related Care, Fifth Edition

2=2E8.2 The 5 Minute Herb & Dietary Supplement Consult


2=2E9 Drug Guides

2=2E9.1 Clinical Anesthesia (PDA Software)

2=2E9.2 Clinician's Pocket Drug Reference 2004

2=2E9.3 Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses

2=2E9.4 Drug Guide for Physicians

2=2E9.5 Drug Interaction Facts

2=2E9.6 DRUGology Handbook

2=2E9.7 Drugs for Pregnant and Lactating Women

2=2E9.8 Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation, Sixth Edition

2=2E9.9 Endocrine Drugs, Lab Values, and Diagnostic Tests

2=2E9.10 Evidence-Based Diagnosis

2=2E9.11 Handbook of Evidence-Based Critical Care

2=2E9.12 Ident-A-Drug Reference 2004

2=2E9.13 Medicine Recall, 2nd Ed.

2=2E9.14 Mosby's Medical Drug Reference 2004

2=2E9.15 Physician's Cancer Chemotherapy Drug Manual 2004

2=2E9.16 Physician's Drug Handbook, 10th Ed

2=2E9.17 Physicians' Information and Education Resource Database PDA
Medical Software

2=2E9.18 Psychiatric Drug Therapy

2=2E9.19 Sota Omoigui's Anesthesia Drugs Handbook

2=2E9.20 Sota Omoigui's Pain Drug Handbook, 3rd Ed

2=2E9.21 Tarascon Pocket Pharmacopoeia PDA Software (on CD-ROM) - 12
Month Subscription

2=2E9.22 The Medical Letter's Handbook of Adverse Drug Interactions

2=2E9.23 Yao and Artusio's Anesthesiology: Problem-Oriented Patient
Management, Fifth Ed.


2=2E10 Endocrine Drugs, Lab Values, and Diagnostic Tests for PDA


2=2E11 General Medicine

2=2E11.1 ACCF Clinical Trials Database

2=2E11.2 Communicable Diseases and Infection Control for EMS

2=2E11.3 Critical Care Handbook of the Massachusetts General Hospital,
Third Edition

2=2E11.4 Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth
Edition, Text Revision

2=2E11.5 ntials of Diagnosis & Treatment in Cardiology

2=2E11.6 Handbook of Applied Therapeutics, Seventh Edition

2=2E11.7 Handbook of Fractures (PDA Software Version)

2=2E11.8 Handbook of Interventional Radiologic Procedures, Third Edition

2=2E11.9 Handbook of Signs and Symptoms

2=2E11.10 Harrison's Manual of Medicine, 15th Ed.

2=2E11.11 Hospital Medicine Essentials

2=2E11.12 Internal Medicine On Call, Third Edition

2=2E11.13 Manual of Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy, Fifth Edition

2=2E11.14 Manual of Clinical Psychopharmacology, Fourth Edition

2=2E11.15 Outlines in Clinical Medicine

2=2E11.16 Outlines in Clinical Medicine - Family Practice Edition

2=2E11.17 Outlines in Clinical Medicine - Internal Medicine Edition

2=2E11.18 Pocket Emergency Medicine

2=2E11.19 Pocket Medicine - The MGH Handbook of Internal Medicine

2=2E11.20 Pocket OB/GYN

2=2E11.21 Pocket Primary Care

2=2E11.22 Pocket Reference for EMTs and Paramedics, Second Edition

2=2E11.23 Pocket Reference for the EMT-B and First Responder, Second

2=2E11.24 Pocket Surgery

2=2E11.25 Primary Care Medicine Recommendations

2=2E11.26 Psychiatry Recall, Second Edition

2=2E11.27 Reeder and Felson's Gamuts in Radiology

2=2E11.28 Residents' Manual of Medicine

2=2E11.29 Saunder's Pocket Essentials of Clinical Medicine, Third Edition

2=2E11.30 Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook

2=2E11.31 Surgical Recall, Third Edition

2=2E11.32 Terrorism Response: Field Guide for Fire & EMS Organizations

2=2E11.33 The Biochemical Origin of Pain

2=2E11.34 The Johns Hopkins Manual of Gynecology and Obstetrics, 2nd

2=2E11.35 The M.D. Anderson Surgical Oncology Handbook, Third Edition

2=2E11.36 The Massachusetts General Hospital Handbook of Neurology

2=2E11.37 The Sages Manual: Fundamentals of Laparoscopy and Gi Endoscopy

2=2E11.38 Weapons of Mass Destruction: Emergency Care


2=2E12 Geriatrics Subspecialty Consult for PDA


2=2E13 Handbook of Cancer Chemotherapy, 6e for PDA


2=2E14 Handbook of Drug Allergy PDA


2=2E15 Handheld Dictionaries

2=2E15.1 Dorland's Pocket Medical Dictionary

2=2E15.2 English & Spanish Medical Words & Phrases, Third Edition

2=2E15.3 Stedmans Medical Dictonary 28th edition PDA

2=2E15.4 The American Heritage Stedman's Medical Dictionary


2=2E16 Laboratory Testing/Interpretation


2=2E17 Manual of Psychiatric Therapeutics, 3e for PDA


2=2E18 Nagataki Symposium on Chernobyl: Update and Future


2=2E19 Nurse's Quick Check: Diseases, for PDA


2=2E20 Nurse's Section


2=2E21 Obstetrics and Gynecology Survival Guide for PDA


2=2E22 Otolaryngology Survival Guide for PDA


2=2E23 Outpatient Medicine Survival Guide for PDA


2=2E24 PDA Software .911 - FREE Emergency Responder Resource powered by


2=2E25 Pda Version Handbook Of Diagnostic Tests 3E


2=2E26 Pediatrics


2=2E27 Pediatrics Survival Guide for PDA


2=2E28 Pocket Emergency Medicine for PDA


2=2E29 Pocket Primary Care for PDA


2=2E30 Progress in Hepatology 4 - Liver Cirrhosis Update


2=2E31 Psychiatry Survival Guide for PDA


2=2E32 Red Book Update (1563635100)


2=2E33 Survival Guides


2=2E34 Tarascon Pocket Pharmacopoeia PDA Software (on CD-ROM) - 12 Month


2=2E35 The 5-Minute Clinical Consult for Dental Professionals for PDA


2=2E36 The 5-Minute Herb & Dietary Supplement Consult for PDA


2=2E37 The 5-Minute Toxicology Consult for PDA


2=2E38 The AHA Clinical Cardiac Consult for PDA


2=2E39 The Cardiology Intensive Board Review Question Book for PDA


2=2E40 The Diagnostic Approach to Symptoms and Signs in Pediatrics, 2e
for PDA


2=2E41 The Harriet Lane Handbook, 17th Edition - Textbook with
Downloadable PDA Software


2=2E42 The Washington Manual of Ambulatory Therapeutics for PDA


2=2E43 The Vaccine Handbook A Practical Guide for Clinicians, PDA


2=2E44 The Washington Manual Infectious Diseases Subspecialty Consult for


2=2E45 The Washington Manual of Ambulatory Therapeutics for PDA


2=2E46 The Washington Manual of Oncology for PDA


2=2E47 The Washington Manual of Surgery, 3e for PDA


2=2E48 Third Edition Review of Clinical Anesthesia PDA


2=2E49 Washington Manuals


3=2E  skyscape: mobile solutions for medical professionals


3=2E1 Griffith's 5-Minute Clinical Consult 2006 (5MCC 2006)


3=2E2 Harrison's Manual of Medicine, NEW 16th Ed. Special PDA/Desktop
Bundle - only


3=2E3 Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses Special PDA/Desktop Bundle - only


3=2E4 Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, 20th Ed. Special PDA/Desktop
Bundle - only


3=2E5 Medicine Recall, 2nd Ed.


3=2E6 The Washington Manual=AE Internship Survival Guide


3=2E7 AHFS Drug Information


3=2E8 iFacts=99: Drug Interaction Facts


3=2E9 Pocket Reference for EMTs and Paramedics, 2/E


3=2E10 Pocket Reference for the EMT-B and First Responder, 2/E


3=2E11 Parasitology: Diagnosis And Treatment Of Common Parasitisms In
Dogs And Cats


3=2E12 Handbook of Veterinary Drugs, 3rd Ed.


3=2E13 Surgical Recall, 4th Ed.


4=2E  Stedman's

4=2E1 Hewlett-Packard STEDMAN'S Healthcare Pack  SOFTWARE

4=2E2 LifeART Grant's Atlas Images, and LifeART Starter Kit, version 2.0

    In four outstanding, visually rich collections, you will receive
over 1,800 digital images, including full-color anatomical
illustrations, photographs, radiographs, sonograms, MRI and CT
scans--all taken from the latest editions of the classic anatomy
textbooks Grant's Atlas of Anatomy, 10th Edition and Grant's Dissector,
12th Edition. Help visualize your message with LifeART--all images are
designed to import smoothly and seamlessly into most software
applications you're likely to use, including your favorite word
processing, desktop publishing, presentation software, or graphics

4=2E3 MED-SPELL=99 Plus Databank

4=2E4 Quick Look Electronic Drug Reference 2005

4=2E5 Quick Look Electronic Drug Reference 2006

4=2E6 Quick Look Electronic Drug Reference Multi-User

4=2E7 Spanish-English English-Spanish Medical Dictionary 3rd Edition

4=2E8 Stedman's Abbreviations, Acronyms & Symbols, 3rd ed

4=2E9 Stedman's Alternative & Complementary Medicine Words, 2nd ed.

4=2E10 Stedman's Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Words, 4th Edition

4=2E11 Stedman's Dermatology & Immunology Words, 3rd Edition

4=2E12 Stedman's Electronic Medical Dictionary INTRANET v6.1

4=2E13 Stedman's Electronic Medical Dictionary, v6.0

4=2E14 Stedman's Electronic Medical Dictionary, v6.0 Multi-User

4=2E15 Stedman's Emergency Medicine Words

4=2E16 Stedman's Endocrinology Words, 2nd Edition

4=2E17 Stedman's GI & GU Words, 4th Edition

4=2E18 Stedman's Legal Med Ware

4=2E19 Stedman's Medical & Surgical Equipment Words, 4th Edition

4=2E20 Stedman's Medical Dictionary, 27th ed.

4=2E21 Stedman's Medical Dictionary for Health Professions & Nursing, 5E
(Australia/New Zealand)

4=2E22 Stedman's Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and
Nursing, 5th Edition

4=2E23 Stedman's Medical Eponyms, 2nd Edition

4=2E24 Stedman's Medical Terminology Flash Cards

4=2E25 Stedman's OB-GYN and Pediatric Words, 4th Edition

4=2E26 Stedman's Ophthalmology Words, 3rd Edition

4=2E27 Stedman's Organisms & Infectious Disease Words

4=2E28 Stedman's Orthopaedic & Rehab Words, Fifth Edition

4=2E29 Stedman's Pathology & Lab Medicine Words 4th Edition

4=2E30 Stedman's Plastic Surgery, ENT, & Dentistry Words, 4th Edition

4=2E31 Stedman's Plus Legal/Medical/Pharmaceutical Spellchecker

4=2E32 Stedman's Plus Spellchecker 2006 Standard Edition

4=2E33 Stedman's Plus Spellchecker 2006 Standard Edition Multi-User

4=2E34 Stedman's Plus Spellchecker Premium Edition

4=2E35 Stedman's Radiology & Oncology Words, 4th Edition

4=2E36 Stedman's Smartype Multi-User

4=2E37 Stedman's Surgery Words, 3rd Edition

4=2E38 The AAMT Book of Style Electronic, Second Edition

4=2E39 The CMT Review Guide

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