Max Size SD for Treo 650?

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I have been using my Treo 650 with a 1 Giga SD card and it works fine.
I bought a 4 giga card and the Treo doesn't even acknowledge its
existence. It doesn't show up in the file manager and none of the files
on it are visible. The files and folder structure are an exact copy of
those of the 1 Giga card.

I've been looking all over the Palm support site and I cannot find any
mention of a size limit for the Treo 650, although the spacs for the 680
do suggest "up to 2 Giga".

I bought the 4 giga SD card on Ebay. I have no way of telling whether
the card is defective (though it does seem to play fine on my computer),
  whether it is too large, or whether it is just not supported by Palm.
Do I get another 4 Giga? Can I get a 2 Giga? Do I _have_ to buy it for
the high prices of the Palm site?

I use the card to house large video files and in the New Year was
planning to add a GPS system for all Europe. One giga just isn't enough.

Anyone know?


Ile de France

Re: Max Size SD for Treo 650?

Elisa Francesca Roselli wrote:
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Re: Max Size SD for Treo 650?

Dekaritae acrit :

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Thanks, I'll have to study that for a while as it's a little above my
geek level. There's nothing on the 4 giga card that needs to be
preserved so I'm not excessively worried if I accidentally fry it, but
I wouldn't like fried Treo for Christmas!

Cheers and Happy Hols

Ile de Frace

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