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I just got a used Palm IIIc. First thing I did was to upgrade to OS
4.1. I syncronize to Palm Desktop 4.1.4.

I also have a (new) modem to the Palm IIIc. On the CD, that came with
the modem, was MultiMail 2.26 Pro. I have set it up, and it works
fine. But there is no desktop application to read the mails? What am I
supposed to do? Only read on the handheld?

Also, there is an app called "Mail" on the handheld. I am not really
sure how it works... There are no network setup, and under HotSync
Options, it says "...messages will be syncronized between the handheld
computer and the E-Mail application"... Huhh? What E-mail application?
Can somebody tell me how it works?


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