Looking to sync 2 palms.

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My wife and I have Treos.   Is there a way to sync between the two of them
and with our home computer easily.

What's the best way.


Re: Looking to sync 2 palms.

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what operating system do you use? If I recall correctly, MS Windows has the
notion of users and profiles in XP and maybe 2000 (ME?) so you can perhaps
make independent installations of Palm Desktop. On a Linux machine this
would have been simpler, I think.

Either way, you also have the notion of profiles in Palm Desktop too, which
is what I strongly suggest you take advantage of. I can't recall the exact
procedure of setting this up, but in principal, when synchronising or
opening Palm Desktop you can select a profile. Somewhere along the top menu
you can create and change profiles.

Hope it makes a good starting point,


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Re: Looking to sync 2 palms.

Easily?!  Not possible.  You could, for instance, give both the same
username and everything would be identical -- until a change you made
conflicted with a change she made, then you'd have a nightmare.

The next thing you could do is (using the Palm Desktop) decide on one
account to be master and export everything from that account to the other -
but migrating changes back would be convoluted.

I think your best bet is to establish two accounts, let each person manage
their account independently, and beam things like shared contacts to each
other (or
enter them in two places on the PC side.)

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Re: Looking to sync 2 palms.

Palm's DualDate is also useful.

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