Looking for better build m105 equiv

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Hi there,
my father has a two year old 75 palm m105 which he likes alot and
does everything he needs. However the one bugbear is lousy build
quality for frequent use. It's plasticy, bits fall off and its held
together with sellotape and loses everything every time he changes the
batteries (though obviously you sync it back but still).

So I was thinking for christmas I could get him a cheap second hand
equivelent but now a slightly better model. Something a bit better
built perhaps with a slightly bigger screen and same 8mb memory. No
need for colour. Being able to upgrade the data essential obviously
but presumably easy?

But it's hard to decide whats better rather than superseded by it. I'm
tempted by palm Vx but they are both described as 160 x 160 screens,
does this mean they are both much the same? And how sensible is it
buying a second hand gadget with a non replaceable lithium-ion

Any help on what might be a good idea would be apreciated. I'm aiming
for 50 sort of mark. Tempting just to get him two m105's, one to use
and one for the drawer but I hope there is something a bit tougher out

Thanks a bunch

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