Lifedrive vs. Ipaq HX4705

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I've currently got a T3, and while I've been happy for the most part, I'm
starting to yearn for something new. New, with built-in Wi-Fi, and the
ability to have large amounts of memory.

My usage is mostly lookup & reminders, except on occasion when I travel in
which case I'd like something that's more of a laptop replacement. On those
occassions I'll be doing email, with attachments, running a blogging client
and surfing.

I looked at the Lifedrive, and it's awfully thick - too thick.

While I was looking, I saw the Ipaq sitting there and checked it out. Love
the screen, like the size, and like the replaceable battery (versus the sled
I have for my T3 right now, and the non-existant option for the Lifedrive).
I know that PPC is going to be more complicated to use - not a problem. I
know that activesync has a reputation for poor reliability, but hotsync has
an equal reputation in my eyes.

I've got a 1gb microdrive & 512mb SD card that will fit the ipaq, and will
get me most if not all the memory I need (and wanted the Lifedrive for). I
can always get more/larger cards in the future.

The real questions are:

1. Is there a documents-to-go equivelant on the PPC? Will a native format
word/excel doc edited on the PPC retain formatting, or will it get messed
with? I want both the ability to work with email attachments & files on the
road, but also for the unit to be kind of an intelligent flash drive for
keeping files at home and work synchronized.

2. Is email on the PPC robust? I use snappermail currently, with 3 different
connection methods, and it croaks/freezes pretty frequently. The fact that
I've got maybe 80mb of email could also be a factor. Regardless, I want a
client that will do multple IMAP and POP3 accounts. Exchange connectivity is

3. Accepting that Palm and PPC are two different worlds, each with
advantages & disadvantages, as a long time Palm user what are the
differences that are most likely to drive me nuts?

4. Is there a decent blogging client on the PPC? There are a few promising
ones for Palm, but all are quite unreliable.



Re: Lifedrive vs. Ipaq HX4705

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Hehe!  I can't answer all questions, but I can provide a pointer for a few.

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PocketWord and PocketExcel retain formatting.  They're arguably not as
robust as Document-To-Go, but for most users the Microsoft equivalents are
just as good.

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I'm not the best judge, but with my simple usage, email works just as good
on the PocketPC platform compared to PalmOS.  However, my experience is

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Depending on how you use your device, PocketPC has the advantage that it
multitasks.  So if you use the search facility often and you have lots of
similar data items, PPC keeps the search application open after a search.
PalmOS doesn't.

As an example, I write most of on my Tungsten W using the
ToDo application.  Lets suppose I want to find a reference the word
"Bluefin" - I know that it appears in a few sections of the Ka Diary but I'm
not sure what.  With PalmOS, I have to run the search each time I try a data
item.  With PPC I run the search once.

Mind you, searching takes a lot longer on PPC whereas on the Palm it flies

However, as a disadvantage, PocketPC multitasks.  :)  This causes
performance problems.  Microsoft claim that PPC automatically shuts down
applications that are not needed.  It does, eventually, but the device
decelerates waaaaay before then.  Sometimes the performance just drops off
for the sheer hell of it and a soft reset is the only way to bring it back.
Sometimes it zips along.  Anyway, processor for processor, PalmOS 5.x
devices are usually quicker to run than their PPC cousins.

Microsoft ActiveSync also has a very nast habit of duplicating data by
default.  That's annoying if you have several thousand entries in each

Indeed, the core difference between PPC and PalmOS when it comes to
communicating with the desktop machine is that Palm consider their PDA to be
a standalone computer and that the user will edit and view data items.
Microsoft ActiveSync considers the PPC to be more for viewing rather than
changing data.  This means that if the application doesn't duplicate
seventeen thousand data items, it copies the desktop data to the PDA.

If you've been away for a productive web site authoring few days this is
heart breaking. :-x

And that's the reason why I'm using PalmOS...

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Sorry I can't answer that...

The DervMan

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