LIfedrive battery discharges rapidly

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I've had my LIfedrive since August. That makes it 8 months old.

In the last week or so it's suddenly and rapidly discharged the
battery. I mean, over about 5 minutes it goes from 100% to absolutely
0% - the monitor drops right in front of my eyes. It's done this twice
now. The first time I plugged in the charger and it charged up just
fine. Then it did it again today - died rapidly in front of me. It's
plugged in  right now and seems to be charging just fine.

The only thing I could find on the Palm website suggested the battery
needed to be replaced. After only 8 months of not particluarly heavy
usage (like, I don't go on the Web with it, don't use it for long
periods of time).

Any suggestions or advice? I'm really kind of pissed, if it's dead
after only 8 months. It's still under warranty, so it won't cost to
get it fixed, but it's going to be a major hassle.


Re: LIfedrive battery discharges rapidly

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Since no manufactoring process can be entirely perfect, there are
always going to be variations in battery life. This is caused by
variations in chemicals, mixes, components, and so on. It appears you
were unlucky enough to get a weak battery. It happens. And nothing is
gained by getting upset about it. On the plus side, since few
batteries fall into this catagory, odds are great your next battery
will perform much better.


Re: LIfedrive battery discharges rapidly

Hi Cathy,

Try going here:

The page, Battery Tips, is from the Palm, Inc. Support Knowledge
Library. I hope this helps


cathy wrote:
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