Keeping a Palm III vs Palm V as a Backup for PDA Phone?

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I've been using a Palm V for many years, but I just got a Kyocera phone
with Palm built in.  Before I had the Palm V, I had a Palm III, which
I've kept as a backup in case I dropped the Palm V, it died, got stolen,

I'd still like to keep a backup device around, but I'm concerned that the
batteries in the Palm V might not take a charge if they sit around for a
several years.  The battery is already showing slight signs of age.  The
Palm III can be left around indefinitely without batteries.

My only concern with the Palm III is software compatibility.  It's pretty
old, but as best I can tell, the latest desktop may still work with it.  
I'm using the desktop software that I used with the Palm V for the phone,
so switching back that direction is easy.

Does anyone have experience with either:

1) Using a Palm III with the latest desktop software?

2) Palm V battery viability after extended storage?


Doug White

Re: Keeping a Palm III vs Palm V as a Backup for PDA Phone?

I'm one step back from the latest desktop and the Palm III works just fine -
the desktop is for the Tungsten T5.

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Re: Keeping a Palm III vs Palm V as a Backup for PDA Phone?

Doug White wrote:
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I can't speak to what will happen to a lithium-ion battery if left
around idle for a long time.  It might have no effect, or it might
have a big effect.

As for software compatibility, unless the Palm III can be upgraded
to OS 4.0 or newer, it's unlikely that all the third-party software
you put on the new phone/PDA will be compatible with it.  The reason
is that Palm made some changes in 4.0 that make the programmer's
life much easier, so many programs don't support anything older
than 4.0.  (Some programs don't even support things older than 5.0

   - Logan

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