Keep M515 or ditch?

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Please help, your opinion is appreciated.

I have a 515 that just died, battery failure. It is used for :

SOAP notes. I have a SOAP program, (that is medical notes for
patients). I tap responses as well as write in unique findings.

Phone book

seminar notes. I have an attatched keyboard that I sometimes use.

Franklin planner: appointments

Money is not an object here, just usability and ease of interface with
my computer (windows XP).

Question: do I repair or replace? If so, with what? Should I ditch my
franklin planner and use something else? Do I go with a pocket PC?
Since I have to load all of my apps again, everything is up in the

Thanks in advance,

Tom Tricep

Re: Keep M515 or ditch?

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You can replace the battery for US$29 (+ $5 for a torx wrench if you don't have
one.) Instructions are at the site.

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Probably the closest to what you are replacing is the Tungsten E (being
discontinued) or the Tungsten E2. The only advantage for what you do will
probably be the *high resolution* color screen. Battery life before recharge may
not be as good though. If money is no object look at the more expensive models
as they will do all that the Es will do and more.

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Always a personal choice. Me? I always like new toys... ;)

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Most of your current m515 apps should work on a new Palm. You will have to get
all new apps for a PPC  if you choose one since they are a completely different

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