Jornada 720 sound chip type?

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What is it?  I'm running NES CE and it has problems playing a games
music and sound.  The audio is very clunky.  Perhaps the commercial
emulator will fix this or perhaps it will not.  I wont know until I get
back to a high speed  connection.  Perhaps the problem lies with the
Jornada 720 sound chip?

I do know for a fact that there are games that have problems with
certain sound card chips.  On my Mac and PC I use MAME and the game
Shinobi's audio is clunky on the Mac, while on my much slower PC the
game Shinobi's audio is so much cleaner (sounds just like the arcade).
I asked around and was told that the PC uses a chip similiar to the one
being emulated than the Mac and a reason for the better audio.

Do you think my Jornada is having the same problems, and no matter what
the music will always be clunky?



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