Java on the Palm Tungsten T2

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I was wondering if anyone here can help me?
I want to be able to access and use web based Java features through Web Pro
on my Tungsten T2 (eg. Yahoo Chat).
Is there any way that T2 users can obtain Java functionality? I see that
Java J2ME VM MIDP 1.0 is no longer available and the PalmOne no longer has
it available for download.  Is there anywhere that I can obtain it?
WebSphere Everyplace Micro Environment v5.7.1 is available for download but
it is not compatible with the Tungsten T2.
I have tried installing MIDP for PalmOS v1.0 from Sun Systems
but it does not seem to work. Or perhaps I just don't understand how to use
it properly.
Does anyone have a copy of Java J2ME VM MIDP 1.0 that they could share or is
there another way to use Java on my PDA?
PalmOne have been utterly unhelpful in this matter.
Luke Hodgson

Re: Java on the Palm Tungsten T2

I should just clarify. Yahoo Chat uses Java Applet. This is the function I
want to be able to use on my Tungsten T2.
Programs like Xiino do not support the Java Applet. Nor does it seem that
Web Pro does.
Am I able to use Java Applet at all on the Palm Tungsten T2?

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Re: Java on the Palm Tungsten T2

Luke Hodgson wrote:
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I haven't done a ton of programming, but I believe when you write
an applet, the entire library of J2SE (i.e. standard edition)
classes is available to you.  But as far as I know, every Java
implementation on the Palm is J2ME (i.e. micro edition).

So, I believe this means that all or virtually all Java applets
will require classes that don't exist on the Palm.

   - Logan

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