Issues with synching to "the Cloud"

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Hello all,
From what I've been reading, after my TX and hubby's Zire go to the big Palm
graveyard in the sky, assuming that they can't be fixed, I guess I have two
basic options -- HP and synch to my PC or Palm (or iTouch or such) and synch
to "the Cloud". I've had HP's before and am not thrilled with them but the
thought of synching my data "out there" is even less appealing (even
"un-sensitive" data such as dental appointments and my brother's address).

Am I missing something or is this "the future"? Why? Where's the security in
that? OK, so I have a "password" and even if it's a "strong" one, I'm still
relying on someone else. Am I wrong to be this paranoid or have I watched
The Net one too many times.

Thanks for any and all explanations. . .


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