Is PalmOS good for browsing lots of information?

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Palms equipped with external memory card allow to carry with you a lot
of information....
.... but when size of information  grows it's difficult to manage it.
Consider the following example (from real situation):

I need to carry with me lots of  plain ASCII text files (info files,
Unix manual pages, emails, source and configuration files etc...). Just
to give some numbers , consider the example of about 8000 files within
500 directories requiring 200 MBof memory. The whole tree of information
can be zipped (or tar-gzipped) within a unique file sized 16MB.
Working on the zip file, I'd like to be able to:

- open and read any of the 8000 files
- search files by name
- search files containing a given string

If I had a Zaurus, this would be easy by combining with pipes commands
such as tar, gzip , find , grep etc...

With PalmOS, it's more difficult. I've tried several compression
programs but all of them failed to open the big zip file (a lot of them
also crashed my Clie requiring a soft restart). I think (but I'm not
sure) that using DOC readers (ie converting in some way the 8000 files
and putting them in a unique DOC file of 16 Mb) also leads to same
I know, Palms are not thinked to manage such big amounts of datas, but
it's also true that  the hardware I bought (200 Mhz processor, 32 Mb of
ram, 256 Mb of memory of memory card) it's good enough to manage it....
it's a software problem...

How PalmOS can manage such a situation? Any idea?

Re: Is PalmOS good for browsing lots of information?

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Do all the files HAVE to be in one zip?  I think you would be better off,
regardless of the OS, using more zips with fewer files in each, and you
wouldn't need a lot more space.  Putting 8000 files in one zip just doesn't
make a lot of sense to me.  It works, albeit slowly, on Windows because you
have the entire hard disk to use as virtual memory.  On a Palm, you don't
have a hard disk, only the installed memory and the SD card.  Card
transfers are very slow, especially compared to HD access, so using the
card for virtual memory isn't really a viable option.  Thus, trying to open
a zip file that is larger than the installed memory, especially when
unzipped, is asking for problems.  Trying to search this big zip isn't
impossible, but it will take a long, long time, because of the slow card

I don't think this is a software issue, it's a hardware issue.  You're
expecting far too much.



Re: Is PalmOS good for browsing lots of information?


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Suggest you look at TiBR Pro /
which converts texts into discrete documents in zTXT format with much
better compression than PalmDOC.

If you can search across all documents with SuperFinderHack /
or the equivalent, then you'd have what you wanted.

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