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I recently inherited an iConcepts (Sakar) Wireless PDA Keyboard.  After
fooling around with it for a while I was able to get it to work with my
old Visor but not with my TX.  The floppy that came with it had two
files on it but I was only able to read one file off of it (the other
had errors).  I installed the software on both PDAs and that is what
worked on the Visor.  On the TX the software runs okay but I get no
keystrokes received when I type.  I tried installing the drivers for
both the Targus and Palm keyboards on the TX.  Both detected keystrokes
from the keyboard but they were totally garbled.

So the keyboard works, the TX's IrDa works but the two don't work

The Sakar website has nothing on the keyboard.  I couldn't find a
website for iConcepts.  Various web searches revealed squat.

Does anyone know of a driver for this keyboard that works on a TX (it's
likely a Palm OS 5.x issue)?


Clark Martin
Redwood City, CA, USA               Macintosh / Internet Consulting

"I'm a designated driver on the Information Super Highway"

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