IR port locked, can't reset or open! Need ASAP for Palm!

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Somebody hepme!  Heh, um, big problem, no idea how to fix it.  I don't
even know what could have caused it because I didn't do anything
differently than usual.  Just tried to hotsync my Palm and it said the IR
port was locked by another process, only there ISN'T another process!
There's nothing showing in the "ctrl-alt-del", nothing in the tray,
nothing even in the background from startup in the registry (checked with
Startup Manager).  It will even do a "search for IR devices in range", and
I can hear the really faint sound it makes go on and off when it's doing
it, so I know it's really not locked and working.  Anybody know what's
going on?  I know it's not the Palm's fault because I have 2 totally
different models and they do the same thing (hence posting here instead of
the Palm groups).  Can anybody think of anything?  I totally depend on my
Palm(s) so I really need to fix it fast!
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Re: IR port locked, can't reset or open! Need ASAP for Palm!

Check to see that "camera support" is unchecked in the IR

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