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I jusr got given an HP handheld for christmas.  Jolly little phone/pda
thing with wifi.  My amusing little linux-based Yopy having given up
the ghost in the summer.

I'm having trouble with getting detailed data from the HP web site
though.  So, I thought that someone here may already have one.

AA: Is there any limit on what the SD slot can do?  Any problems with
1G cards?  or 4G?  What about SDIO?

BB: How many bluetooth devices will it handle?  Can I use a headset and
a GPS at the same time?  Failing that:

CC: Is there a serial port on the connector?  Can I connect a serial
GPS and if so, how di  get a connector?

DD: Has anyone made it work with synCE yet?  When I plug it into my
Suse 10 box the USB subsystem does not see it at all.

Re: ipaq 6300

robertharvey@my-deja.com wrote:
I have had some answers from HP, not entirely encouraging.
Quoted text here. Click to load it
They have "tested it with 1Gb cards".  Rather an emirical way of
finding out what thier product will do, but at least it is a rely.

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One.  I cannot use gps and a headset simultaniously.

Quoted text here. Click to load it
No reply to that one.

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I see light in that particular tunnel.  it doesn't work with Windows
either - the autosync does not detect it.  I am in the process of
getting hold of a USB cable to find out if it is the cradle or the PDA
that is defective.  I currently favour the cradle.  If I plug the PSU
into the cradel, then insert the USB plug my screen goes blank.  If I
pull out the PSU then the screen is not affected!

I also asked where to get realaudio for it.  HP directed me to the real
web site but that clearly says it is written for strongarm or xscale
processors.  The 6340 has a TI processor, but HP's help desk appear not
to know that.

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