Installing Wordperfect for Windows 6.1 on Omnibook 300

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I just purchased the Omnibook 300 with dual 10MB flash cards and have
an old version of WP6.1 for Windows on floppy disks. How do I get this
program to work with the Omnibook? Can it be installed onto the flash
card or a separate pcmcia card? Do I need to purchase a 3.5" floppy
drive and if so, where would I find one? Thanks for any help!


Michael Wiseberg

Re: Installing Wordperfect for Windows 6.1 on Omnibook 300

On 7 Aug 2006 07:47:36 -0700, ""

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I don't use WP but do have used a few of the older Omnibooks
such as the 530, 600 and 800 and still own a 530 and two

I'm confused about your question.  Are you asking how to get
WP onto your Omnibook (the question about the floppy drive)
or where to install WP on the 300, (the question about the
flash card)?  

To install WP you should be able to copy the floppies to a
flash card using another computer and then install from
there.  If you need a floppy drive you can sometimes find
them on eBay, or if not, there is an Omnibook mailing list
devoted to these old Omnibooks.  Get back to me here or
contact me off-line for instructions about subscribing.

As with any Windows program, WP can be installed to any hard
drive on the system, including a flash card configured as C:
or another drive.   I suspect you can even install WP to a
flash card that will not always be in the system as long as
it has the same logical drive letter each time it is

Vic Roberts
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