installing freeware apps.

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Hi all,

This is going to sound really stupid but..........................

After letting my Zire72 gather dust for some 6-8 months now, I have a
genuine use for it. Have reset and loaded all the bundled software. The
problem i'm having is thus;

I downloaded a sim city freeware game when I first had brought the zire72.
Worked fine no worries. Now that I want to laod it up again i've found I
can't remember how to do it. I can get ontop my PDA but the app just won't
fire up.

Be greatful if anyone can help refresh my rather shoddy memory - if, finally
I have to use the '72 for work I would like some distractions as well!


Re: installing freeware apps.

Quoted text here. Click to load it
You should be able to double-click on the app, which should cause the
install app to queue it for hotsync, and then when you hotsync it will be
installed.  To run it, just tap the icon.



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