Instable Desktop

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I use the Palm Treo and the Palm Desktop (file version,
i.e. the latest).

Since about 4 months I have problems with the desktop.  Initially I
could not go in the calendar from the day view to the week view => the
desktop crashed.  Since about 1 month I could not even open the
desktop.  It showed up, did not allow any input for about 1 minute
(while the HDD was working) and then crashed (called Internal

Now I have completely reinstalled it several times (including killing
my data, this was mandatory) and get it to run.  After I have
synchronized, it always crashes and thereafter cannot be opened again
(internal Shutdown).

Any ideas?
I have the feeling it must be the content of my handheld.  How about
the following assumptions:
- synchronizing categories between handheld and desktop leads to
trouble => cleanup the handheld
- there is somewhere an illegal character => how to find it?
- dual entries in the contacts might pose the problem?


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