If the PocketPC is more popular than Palm, how come I never see them actually used?

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Whenever I actually see anyone really using a PDA in public or a
corporate meeting, it is usually a Palm PDA, I have rarely seen a
PocketPC PDA actually being used.  Makes me wonder if most people who
buy the PocketPC leave them on the cradle or in the closet, or am I
living in some kind of vacuum?

Could the disparity between the high PocketPC sales vs their low
visibility in the real world be due to first time buyers thinking they
should get a PDA, then making a herd 'decision' at the local toy store
to buy a PocketPC, then finding out what a pain it is to actually use
in the real world, and then leaving it on the desk?

It seems to me the PocketPC is the equivalent of all the excercise
equipment that never gets used, but looks good on the slickly produced
late-night-tv infomercial.

Re: If the PocketPC is more popular than Palm, how come I never see them actually used?

On Tue, 27 Sep 2005 08:49:46 -0700, perfb@yahoo.com wrote:

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Nope.  I see the same thing.

Those people with Palms have them on their person at all times and use them all
the time.

Those with WinCE units rarely have them with them and rarely use them.

My original theory was that the battery life was so bad on these devices,
that after losing all their data once, that people leave them charging
until they need them - which they usually don't recognize until they are
away from their desk (and WinCE unit).

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Almost.  First, technical decisions in companies are usually made by those
who are least competant to make them - i.e. managers.  The management rule
is "no one ever got fired for going with Microsoft."  So when the question
of what PDA to get corporate personnel comes up, they go WinCE.

As my dad found out, though, WinCE units are more problematic and less
useful (Short story: My dad's school got a grant to buy PDAs for the
students.  They didn't know what to buy.  So they bought 1/2 Palm and 1/2
WinCE.  By the end of the year, Palm won hands down so they got rid of
the WinCE units and bought palms plus software with the money). So people
usually leave them on their desks.

Since these people didn't shop for a PDA, they don't know about Palm
really and since they didn't NEED a PDA in the first place, they don't
care if it just sits on their desks.

Re: If the PocketPC is more popular than Palm, how come I never see them actually used?

I posted this elsewhere but I thought I'd mention this again.  I tried
going to the "Dark Side" with an refurbished HP iPAQ 2415 through the
company's employee purchase plan.  I bought it last week and will
return it this week. It ended up costing about twice as much as my
Tungsten E which, aside from the on/off switch I've repaired, is as
good as it gets.  I tried the T5 but it was heavy, clunky and slow.  I
did like to rotate the screen for Docs-to-Go spreadsheets though.

So over the weekend I tried "falling in love" with the HP, marveling at
the quality of the HP hardware, but shocked by the poor MS software.
First off I didn't like the use of MS Outlook as the desktop interface,
but then the built-in apps I need like the Palm's memo pad and todo
list are almost useless on the Pocket PC.  Completed tasks don't
disappear on the checklist and there's no category structure to the
notepad.  That's beyond awkward, it's downright buggy.  I'm sure
Microsoft calls these "features".

I think they plan on users purchasing additional software to make the
Pocket PC useable, which is the same way they sell their desktop OS.  I
expected the memo, calendar, check list and address book to function
the same or better than the Palm, but they're far worse, almost being

I will say the HP hardware is top notch, and OS seemed stable (but then
again it wasn't really tested), and I like the ActiveSync.  Also the
iPAQ had 802.11b and Bluetooth which worked well.  But without fast,
rock solid, useful built-in applications, it's really just a pretty
toy.  I need stablility, the memo pad, a functional to-do list and
simple and clean Palm desktop.  So I'm staying with the Palm Tungsten
E until it dies, 'cause I sure don't see anything better on the


Re: If the PocketPC is more popular than Palm, how come I never see them actually used?

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At least in my case, it depends on what field you're in.  I work in a
hospital, and almost all medical students and resident physicians carry some
sort of PDA.  I'd say there are more Pocket PCs than Palms.  Not sure why
this is, since IMO medical programs are still better on Palm OS, but there
you have it.  Oh, and we docs with Pocket PCs use them ALL the time.  Sorry,
had to stick up for my device here, heh.
Charles C. Shyu

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