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I like combination devices.  To cut a long story short I chopped in a
Tungsten W for a handset and Tungsten T2 combination (primarily because I
had a need for a GPS solution).  Now that PDAs are readily available with
Bluetooth at sensible money I'm thinking it's time to switch back...

..but to what?  The Treo 650 is the logical solution I suppose, but really,
I want something like the Tungsten W but with internal Bluetooth.

I don't need WiFi, I do need Bluetooth for a wireless headset.  The
operating system isn't a priority any more, I have preferred PalmOS owing to
applications I run but that doesn't have to continue.  My GPS software is
available in PPC and PalmOS flavours, finding it for Symbian (or whatever)
may not be a problem.

I make a lot of notes and really really appreciate my Palm Portable Keyboard
with the T|T2.  I didn't really get on all that well with the Tungsten W's
keyboard, it felt too cramped - I don't really want a similar sized
keyboard, although if the Treo 650 really is all that wonderful then maybe
just maybe I could bend the rule! :)

I'm open to ideas.  Money is an object, naturally. :p

The DervMan

Re: I'm looking for ideas

__/ [ DervMan ] on Thursday 02 March 2006 18:34 \__

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If you can tolerate high latency and need high storage capacity, the
LifeDrive might be the right unit for you. Be warened however. It has many
deficiencies. A combination of devices is rarely ideal. Neither does it have
a lower, nor it is pragmatic.

Hope it helps,


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Re: I'm looking for ideas

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Ya, it did; thanks.  In short, my need for storage is much less than my need
for something moderately responsive...

Today I ordered a PocketPC *cough* device... wow, going over to the Dark

The DervMan

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