I bought a Kyocera 6035...

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....and am curious if I got the following right.

With this phone I can hook up to the Internet...

1) Via Sprint's Internet service
2) Via any ISP using the Palm "side" of the 6035 to connect through the
phone "side" of the 6035.
3) Or, with my laptop, using the 6035 as a wireless modem

Can I hook another Palm up via the data cable? Sounds stupid, but I'm
thinking of dowloading news and email, responding to it offline using a
Palm Portable Keyboard, then uploading. If I don't have a keyboard for
the Kyocera this really wouldn't work.

I know I'll need a data cable for the Kyocera 6035. Is there anything
else I should be looking for?

Thanks very much for any suggestions or information. (And, meanwhile, I
will be trying to figure this out on my own also.)

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Re: I bought a Kyocera 6035...

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With limitations...

And only to Sprint's internal offerings.

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It use to work this way, and when they introduced the "Vision" plan,
they no longer offered the pre-existing condition.  
Case point:  My 1st 6035 developed an uncalibratable screen after
almost a year of use. I had insurance and received a reconditioned
unit (works great by the way), however, when I tried to make my usual
connection to my ISP (using their dial-up number) I was unable to get
a connection. I called SprintPCS and after several "managers" and
about an hour, I got them to admit that the phone they sent me was
programed to not allow "out of network" connections.  I closed my
account with SprintPCS and now use my 6035 without cellular service.

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See above.

As long as the "other" Palm has a true serial port and not a
"universal" messed-up sudo-USB thing, yes... your other Palm will need
a null modem adaptor to talk to the 6035.  Be aware that the 6035 (or
any Palm for that mater) does not have a "Ring" signal line and will
not provide in-coming connectivity.  Also, there's no "auto-answer"
function in the "Data Fax" application.

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Other than the null modem adaptor, the 6035 stands real well on it's
own... there's little you can add to it to improve it.
The one piece of software you will want is called "Minute Counter" by
Ric Whitt and is considered to be the best 3rd party Palm/6035
application available.

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In addition to Minute Counter, you should research the program "Crony"
(a Google search will turn-up good results) and set Crony to do
auto-email using the Eudora mail client on your 6035.
Also, many PQA applications will work on the 6035.


Re: I bought a Kyocera 6035...

On Wed 24 Nov 2004 11:06:29p, , wrote:

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Uh, oh.
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Which I'm really not that interested in.
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Your kidding. There's no way to clear that restriction? (I may *not* be
moving over to the 6035 after all.)
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So, in other words, it's not really a wireless modem now?
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I wouldn't try to use it for incoming calls. I was just hoping to use
the 6035 for downloading email and newsgroups either to my laptop or
the Palm itself -- and maybe checking news on Yahoo every now and then.
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Do they charge an "access fee" for data calls? (Since I read your
message I've been looking around and it appears there is a per minute
"tariff" for using the 6035 as a modem.
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Thanks. I'm feeling kind of stupid. I should have asked these questions
*before* buying the phone. So is your 6035 merely a IIIxe now?

Should I have looked at Verizon -- or is it the same deal there?

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Re: I bought a Kyocera 6035...

Heres the good news, if you HAVE already got the phone, it CAN be used on
VERIZON, with a dgree of reprogramming. But it is done quite often. Verizon
and Sprint will say no, but it is fact. I have one I was going to do just
that with it. Just got ahead of it and never did it. Do a Google search.
lots of info on that matter

BTW, BEFORE I get you all excited. New and recent rumour ( and sounds true)
Verizon will no longer activate a phone that is categorized by them as a
SMART phone, unless you add a DATA plan. And they can tell by the ESN.

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Re: I bought a Kyocera 6035...

On Thu 25 Nov 2004 11:32:31p, PDA Man, wrote:

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Thanks for the report. At this point I'm not going to go away from Sprint
because I've also got my wife and father-in-law on the same plan -- and
my particular phone's contract terminates in a couple months. Depending
on what happens after my latest contract job is finished, we may not need
two cell phones in the house. So, when I get my Sprint 6035 (some time
next week) I may have to turn around and sell it on eBay again. I should
come out about even on it -- so that's not that big of a deal.

If I can't do what I want with the 6035 on the Sprint network I'll just
use a Palm modem with my Palm m500. It won't be as convenient -- but I
can usually find local dial tone somewhere.

I should have done a little more studying before jumping into this. But I
hadn't seen the 6035 before -- and I thought it was a pretty good idea.

Thanks again for all the information. I'll report back on what I find
when I get the phone. Folks at www.pdaphonehome.com seem to think that I
*will* be able to use the 6035 on my current plan -- but it all seems to
depend on the mood of the particular Sprint Store manager -- so who

I appreciate the responses. Trying to grasp what I can and can't do with
this phone on the Sprint network seems to be like trying nail jelly to a

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