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Does anyone here still use an HP 95LX?  I've been using one since 91', I
have a backup for when this one dies (and it is beginning - screen
connection intermmitant).  I own a couple of Palms and the screens are a lot
better but I still enjoy the simple functionality of the LX.  Why doesn't HP
bring back some of their "Retros" with some modern punch like the auto
industry has done with the Mini, The Bug, Mustang, etc.  I think it would be
a hit beyond their wildest belief, plus it would be based upon something
they are already doing.  Hopefully, selling into a market they understand
and have already connected with.  Merging with Compaq???  What was that all
about?  Take a cue from the Porsche 911..... don't invent...... just
re-invent the successful.


Re: HP 95LX Palmtop

Yeah, I have one.  I also have a Sony TJ37.  I've found that the HP was
great when I first got it, and it was on my hip almost 24-7.  I'm an
engineer, and the solving calculator was a godsend.  But you can get
freeware for the TJ that just blows the HP out of the water anymore, the
battery life is hugely better, the display is easier to read, and it's
much easier to carry around.  So now my 95 sits at home while my Palm
goes everywhere.  I just wish the TJ had a keyboard.  I hate graffiti,
and the popup keyboards are a pain the the rear.  


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Re: HP 95LX Palmtop

What do you use to replace the databases and notebooks? I still use my 200LX
because I need these.Will Cpack run on any of the newer PDAs?


Jeff Stevens
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Mike wrote:
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Re: HP 95LX Palmtop

Yes yes, the HP 95LX and its successors the 100LX and 200LX (with
vastly improved screens) were wonderful machines.  The 95LX was my
first palmtop as well in the early 1990s, and I loved it.

In my view the big "killer" feature of the Palm Pilot, was not the ease
of use, or the graffiti, or the pen interface, or even the form factor
(although these were all obviously very important) but the easy
synchronization with a desktop machine. I don't want to diminish the
importance of these other features that obviously helped make the Palm
Pilot a household name.  But, from my perspective at least, the idea of
the HotSync button was really innovative and key.  Put another way, the
biggest problem I had with the HP 95LX was that synchronizing data
between my desktop and the palmtop was too difficult.  There were
certainly ways to do it, but they were more complicated than dropping
the device in a cradle and pushing a physical button.  The easy conduit
between the palmtop and desktop changed the way I used the palmtop in a
really fundamental way.

I still keep my 95 LX around, but never upgraded to the 200 LX (I've
played with it extensively, and it's still a great machine and you pick
up a new, enhanced one at http://www.thaddeus.com/ if you're
interested) because the Palm replaced most of it's functions.  Every
once and while I use the 95 LX to run Derive
(http://www.chartwellyorke.com/dfdind.html ) or use it with the modem I
have for it, I have a Palm on my belt that I use all day long.

While HP will surely never return to the LX series, it is still an
intriguing form factor, and some company may yet release a product
that's a more modern version in a similar form factor.

Re: HP 95LX Palmtop

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I never used an HP palmtop machine, but only because I chose a Psion over
an HP -- by a whisker -- in about 1991 when the Series 3 and the 95LX were
both newly available. I agree that the combination of usable keyboard and
large display leads to an unbeatable machine for some uses.

Unfortunately HP has gone all PocketPC on us and Psion has pulled out of
the consumer PDA market altogether to concentrate on its industrial
handhelds business.

Palm-format machines with stylus input have the attraction of smaller
overall size and make ideal PDAs -- but the HP and Psion units were real
computers, not just PDAs. It's a pity that that market segment is no longer
catered for at all.

The nearest thing you'll find (new) to those units today is one of the
Nokia 9xxx smartphones ... which are fine if you want a phone built into
your PDA, but not so good if you don't want a cellphone at all or prefer a
two-box solution.


Re: HP 95LX Palmtop

My old 200 LX just died last year.  I miss it terribly.  I'm now
waiting for my 4th try replacement.  I've figured out I'm never going
to find the same functionality the LX had, so I'm going for bells and
whistles...I ordered a Palm Zire 72.  I've been reading about some math
programs that will work on the new Palm machines, maybe I'll find one
that works like the old LX.


Re: HP 95LX Palmtop

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I'm right with you on the feeling of loss.  I still have my 200lx and
will grab it before pants in a burning house, but I also wanted
something "modern" to replace it with (smaller... support newer
interfaces, etc.).  There just ain't nothing that touches the power of
an HP 200lx when it comes to doing calculations. The combination of
Lotus123 (with it's readable-learnable, non-visual-basic macro
language) and the Solver utility are just not "out there" in any other
Many people have chastised me for being a stick-in-the-mud, "hanging
onto out-dated technology" and simply for carrying "that huge
dinosaur"... but not one single wince, ppc, or even well-meaning
PalmOS user has shown me a single unit that can get the math done like
a 200lx.
My solution is to continue using the 200lx until it dies, then step in
front of a buss myself.  Until then, I am using a TRGpro, Kyocera
6035, and my HP 200lx (w/Thaddeus double-speed and 8meg upgrades).
Best of luck in your search, and by all means, please tell me (all of
us) what you decide on for your replacement.

Re: HP 95LX Palmtop

I am with you. I run a buisiness with the windows computer for backup.Do we
need colour or music ? Do they just listen to magazine writers?Replace the
calculator with a HP95/100/200.We need switch on/off with a numeric
keyboard.So any one else out there?I certainly dont meet anyone here.

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Re: HP 95LX Palmtop

On Thu, 24 Feb 2005 22:59:13 +0000 (GMT), K Scully wrote:

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We all hang out on the HPLX maillist. Come join us there! :-)

You will find details at http://www.hplx.net

I use my HP200LX DS 32mb all day long and have three backup units at
home. The HPLX will outlast me.


Martin Bergvill ,Narvik Norway

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