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Ok, I got a "new" HP100LX, ROM version 1.04a, that replaced my broken
200LX, and I got a peculiar problem with it.

Letter G is behaving strangely. For example, if I create a batch file
named "g.bat", I cannot run it by typing g at the DOS prompt - I get an
unknown file error message. If I copy the batch file to "d.bat", for
example, I can run it just fine.

Same with Debug for example. If I use the G command in Debug, I get an
error message. I have to specify an address, as in "g200", with no
space in between. IF I type "g 200", it doesn't work either. Does
anybody know what a heck is going on here? I would appreciate any help,
because otherwise the 100LX is in like-new condition...


Re: HP 100LX help!

ok, never mind! I found my own problem, I was running "toddy", a DOSKEY
replacement, and I guess the one-letter aliases aren't very compatible
with DOS 5.0... Once I removed them, everything is working great...

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