How to move Palm Desktop data from an old to a new Windows Computer?

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Palm Desktop v4.1.4 is installed on my "old" Dell PC and contains all my
Palm M125's data. My M125 Palm Pilot is dead.  I have purchased two new Palm
Zire 21s and I would like to accomplish the following:

1. Copy Palm Desktop data and settings from old Dell to new Notebook PC.
Both these PCs run Desktop 4.1.4 and Windows XP Pro SP2.  Both PCs have
CD-Rom burners.  How can I accomplish this?  For example, is there a
"backup" program to accomplish this, or do I simply copy some Palm Desktop
files from my Dell PC onto a CD-Rom and drag them off that CD-Rom onto my
new Notebook PC?

2. Once this data is on both PCs, I would like to Synchronize each of my
Palm Zire's with this data (the second Zire is a backup in case the first
Zire dies).

3. Once each Zire and both PCs are all in synch, how can I keep them that
way?  That is, while there is only one user, me, there two Zires and two PCs
to consider.

BTW, what's the difference between "alt.comp.sys.palmtops.pilot,"
"comp.sys.palmtops," and "comp.sys.palmtops.pilot?"
Thanks in advance for any pointers,

Re: How to move Palm Desktop data from an old to a new Windows Computer?

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Not recommended.  The desktop software is happy to keep multiple PCs in
synch with a given handheld, but trying to keep multiple handhelds with
the same name is a recipe for lost and/or duplicate data.  You can manage
it if you are extremely careful about following a specific order of
actions, but one misstep can mess things up beyond easy recovery.

If the second Zire is just in case the first one goes poof, then you don't
need to *keep* it synched.  You can leave it alone until you need it, then
synch it up as a "fresh" handheld.

Re: How to move Palm Desktop data from an old to a new Windows Computer?

"Alan Anderson" replied ...
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Many thanks for the quick reply.  I attempted to "move" the desktop data
from the "Old" to the "New" PC by syncing the Palm M125 (before it died)
between the two machines.  At first Hotsync complained of duplicate User
Names when I attempted to sync Desktop data from the "old" PC to the Palm
M125, but I was able to "remove" the Username from the M125 and successfully
Hotsync it to the "old" computer.  However, all attempts to Hotsync this old
Palm M125 to the new computer fail, complaining about a "null" string.  This
problem led me to believe that I could not hotsync a single Palm to multiple
PCs.  I very happy that I was mistaken, and I will, eventually, be able to
sync a single Palm to two (or more PCs).

Now, if I could only get ALL the Desktop data and settings from the "old"
desktop PC copied over to the "new" laptop PC, I'd be a happy camper.

Re: How to move Palm Desktop data from an old to a new Windows Computer?

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On Sun, 01 May 2005 03:51:15 GMT, Peter
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As far as I know, there is little difference between c.s.p.p and
a.c.s.p.p other than propagation.  comp.sys.palmtops is not limited to
PalmOS devices.

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