How to maximize PIM functions of Palm PDA?

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I was about to give up using Palm OS due to the unreliable quality control
of its PDAs. Then I realized one thing, Palm OS is still far more versatile
in terms of PIM functions than PalmPC.
Nevertheless, Palm OS is still rather unpolished straight out of the box and
needs lots of enhancements by 3rd Party applications before it can really

I would like to ask for YOUR VIEWS on HOW to ENHANCE Palm's PDA capabilties.

1) PIM in general
- Its a battle between Agendus and DateBk
- Agendus is very buggy but full of innovative functions with a Desktop
- DateBk is robust, well designed and an efficient tool
But are there more PIM software to choose from ?
How to make the PIM functions more colourful and with more vibrant looking
layout and eye pleasing fonts (like Pocket PC) ?

2) Contacts
- I prefer just using the Contacts that comes with Palm OS.
Any other preferences and why ?

3) Calendar
- I used TMP for a while but went back to the original Calendar
I have been looking for a Calendar software that has layout similar to
Pocket PC (neater arrangements, more colour, each appointment represented by
a block whose size is related to the duration of the appointment etc).
Are there any such Calendar software in existence?

4) To-do / Tasks
- I use Manana to set and list my Long-term Goals (as categories) and
shorter term sub-Goals (as tasks) Each of these sub-Goals are then
transferred to the main Task list (To-do list).
- I then use CanDo and Agendus to sort out my Task list each day to
prioritize the items and organize the tasks I do each part of the day using
Any better methods and better softwares?

5) Memo
- The in-build Memo is inferior to PocketPC's
Any 3rd party apps Memo which has large size, allow fonts and colour, allows
bullets and more ?

6) Journal / Diary
- I used to write my daily thoughts, journals and diary on DayNotez. Then I
realize that my journals accumulated can only be read using Natara's own
DayNotez software. I cannot save them in txt or doc or pdf format for later
reference and in 30 year's time, I do not have DayNotez in use, all my
journals will be inaccessible. Hence, I stopped using it.
- I am now saving my journals in Memo ( 1 week per file) and then save them
through Palm Desktop as doc files
Are there any Journal software which can backup regularly, archive the files
in doc / txt/ rtf format and has impregnable security ?

7)  Voice Recorder
- No such function in Palm TX.
Any easy solutions ?

8) Hyperlinks
- Not possible currently. Using wiki will make TX hang. I tried that in 2 TX
which were just hard resetted. (TX has terribly QC)
What can be done here?

9) MS Office related
- Documents to Go has more function than MS Word Mobile and Excel Mobile but
it has (1) ugly layout (2) slow to open files and (3) causes TX to hang
often ( in 2 different brand new TX)
What are your experiences ?

11) Character input
- Graffiti One is a must
- TextPlus is another must
Any other experiences or recommendations?

12) Project Planning
- I use Bonsai to plan but found that sometimes files are lost even though I
have saved it
- A new version of Bonsai is now very expensive
- I dislike Shadow personally
Any other choices ?

Just share your views and see if we can jointly create a more powerful PDA.


Re: How to maximize PIM functions of Palm PDA?

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I couldn't get to grips with Agendus.  On the one hand, it has tremendous
potential but on the other, as you say, it proved buggy and unresponsive.
I'll have another look at it, though...

DateBk has lots of potential too, but at the best part of a megabyte and
given its slow performance, well I tried it but found the memory footprint
and performance drag too much to deal with.

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I've used KSDatebook, which is a lightweight free Datebook replacement.
It's a little prettier and adds more functionality, but not much more.

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Hmm.  For me the beauty of PalmOS is its simplicity and ease of use.  I want
my device to skip to a PIM application *immediately* with *absolutely no
lag* whatsoever.  I can wait a minute for a game to load, or AvantGo*, but
when I want to check an address or number, it has to do it immediately.

*Although I don't use AvantGo at this time heh.

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Now I did like Agendus' Contacts application, since my Palm contains over a
thousand contacts at any one time and the ABC DEF etc. buttons were

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The colour aspect is useful to a degree, but in terms of setting the
wretched thing up, ahh I lost patience and use the standard application...

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Pass I'm afraid.  I tend to use my Tasks for the notes field, when writing

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Yes it is, but I use Memo for quick notes that I can't be bothered to
categorise elsewhere.  I've tried Slap! in the past but found it a little

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How about any word processor (Wordsmith, Word-to-Go, Quicksheet).

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Yes, that's annoying.  Datebk 6 has a feature to collate your Daily Journal
entries and dump it into a text file.

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Nothing has impregnable security... :)

But I use PDADefence and Zdocj.  Zdocj is a small, basic but faaaast text
editor.  Nothing complicated at all, which is just why I like PalmOS
really...  I use this and TextSync to copy text files to and from the
notebook and the PDA.

However.  My journaling is typically in the form of a personal log, I
suppose, where I write all sorts of nonsence.  In 2006 to date, I've waffled
on at such length that the file is now close to 1,500,000 bytes.  Much of
the content is research or designed for articles and I use the file
reasonably frequently as source, so in effect it's like a great big

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I can't say I've used voice memos, typically because I don't like the sound
of my own voice, heh.  The TX doesn't have a microphone, does it?

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Pass again, sorry.

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Documents-to-Go has worked great for me (a variety of devices, currently a
T2, but my wife Charlie uses a T3 and I'm on the verge of upgrading to a
T3).  I'm sure you have, but have you checked you have the latest patch for
your version?

That written, bundled software *should* work with the relevant device, eh?

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Agreed.  Another reason why I'm currently sticking with the Tungsten T2 / T3

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For me, a physical connection suitable for a keyboard, but I'm debating if I
can live without this and use my notebook computer.  I figure, if I had
Graffiti 1, maybe, but since the TX has neither a physically connected
keyboard nor a properly reliable G1*, I'm stuck.

Why a physical connection?  It's more robust and much harder to be out of
power in one component...

*That I'm aware of...

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As I said above, one of the reasons why I get on so well with PalmOS is
because of its beautiful simplicity.  With the exception of games, which I
don't consider to be "mission critical" applications, and Documents-to-Go,
I've generally stuck with simple applications for simple users ;) and as a
combination, it's worked very well...

The DervMan

Re: How to maximize PIM functions of Palm PDA?

I recently upgraded to a T|X from a Zire 72 and regretted it ever
since.  I have been tempted to return to my Zire but not yet.

I thought he T|X would be better in many respects, mainly the larger
screen.  This is the major disappointment, even with the larger screen
and landscape most of the built in apps have not been updated to use
the extra screen space.

Biggest issue for me is the utter waste of the large screen with most
of Palms apps.

How disappointed was I when I found the SMS application (messages) on
my old Zire had more functions and was better all around than the SMS
application on the T|X.  Being an SMS junkie at work this is a major
issue for me.

The difference being that Messages on the Zire was written by PalmOne
and SMS on the T|X was written by the current version of the Palm

The Wi-Fi is useful thought let down by the web browser, I have tried
the Opera app but Java support is buggy and it crashes more than it

Email is the same as it has been for many years, the same as my Zire.
So no improvement there, only that I can use Wi-Fi to connect.

Tasks is the same.
Notepad is the same.
Memos is the same
Favorites, what is that about!!!
pTunes, never use, I have iPod

Worldmate is a great application and with all my travels I use it a
Documents to go is also a great app, i use it all the time.

Note: Worldmate and Documents were not developed by Palm.

I like landscape mode, just wish the apps were written to be landscape

Calc is the same, I use MathU (RPN calculator), this does use the full
display on the T|X.
Contacts 5 by pdaperformance is good, though no SMS option.

I like the Palm wireless keyboard, I use it a lot.  My farther has a
bluetooth keypoard (Freedom) for his iPaq and its terrible.

Re: How to maximize PIM functions of Palm PDA?

Sometime else I forgot.

I have a shine new 3G cell phone (Sony Ericsson 610i) with UMTS

Can I get it working with the T|X, I THINK NOT.

I have given up on SMS support cuz the T|X app is inadequate.

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