How to develop a game for Palmtops/ Mobiles

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I have developed a game in Java using Applets. I would like it to be
transfer that game to Mobile Phones and small PDAs.

But I am facing below Problems.

1. What screen size should be used

In applet I use 600 x 400 Pixels

2. What is the general screen size of PDA and Mobile Phones.

3. Will they Support Applets. Java 1.2 version.

4. Will they be fast enough to run Java Chat

Any help will be appriciated.


Re: How to develop a game for Palmtops/ Mobiles

I've been nosing around looking for a good linux based palm-top.  I've
been leaning towards installing my own linux (e.g. iPAQ instead of Sharp);
but I'm really just looking for more of the open-source types of tools (I
use linux primarily at home, and am tired of cobbling together things for
PalmOS - and the T5 doesn't seem to have a good unix available).

If, for now, I'm looking for something to noodle around with -- what are
people's preferred approach for doing this?  The Sharps look pretty nice,
but a little pricey when I can't get a touch-n-feel type of thing.  I'd
hope to get bluetooth and wireless ethernet (preferable in some SDish
card, so I can just swap in/out what I need).

I've been looking at a variety of devices on eBay (nice way to get started
:-), but not really sure what I need to kind of try things out before
sinking real money on the uber-device.  Does anyone have recommendations
on a good device with great linux functionality?  (Or, alternatively, some
place in New York City that has a good collection to try out?)

- Tom

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