How does cable internet with pop3 mail work with Treos

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I'm thinking of getting a Treos 600 from Bell Mobility in Toronto.  My pop3
account is with Rogers hi-speed internet.  I
connect through my cable modem through to my pop3 mailbox.

When I have a Treos, how does it connect to Roger's server.  Does Bell Canada
connect me to the internet and give me an
SMTP outbound path for my mail, and connect me to my Rogers pop3 server?  Do I
just use my normal pop3 and smtp server
names and passwords?



Re: How does cable internet with pop3 mail work with Treos

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For receiving email you should be able to point to your phne to the pop3
server from your normal ISP. For sending you may have an issue. I use
Earthlink and they will not allow me to send email through their SMTP
servers unless I am connected to the Earthlink domain (ie from my home or
dial-up connection). I have to send email through the phone company's mail
server which is no big deal really.

Another way to do this is to get the phone provisioned for CSD if Bell
supports it. This is sort of a "virtual" modem connection which would allow
you to dial up your ISP directly, assuming that Rogers provides dial-up
access when you're not at home.

Hope this clears things up a bit.


Re: How does cable internet with pop3 mail work with Treos

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The Treo 650 from Rogers, just started selling, is _much_ nicer. Spenier,
but nicer.

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Best way to go.

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Never set that up on Bell Mobility.   Some carriers (T-Mobile, forex)
require you to route your outbound mail traffic through a special SMTP
server, so they can make soure you're not spamming, as well as possibly
other reasons I don't yet grok. But, they do, so a special setup may be

There's no newsgroup for Bell Mobility, so your best bet to find a Bell
Mobility PDA user would be alt.cellular.cdma. Looking in web boards like
those hosted by for Bell Mobility user ifo could be
useful, as would calling Bell Mobility Tech Support and asking them for the
e-mail configuration settings so you could see what's involved.

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*Groan* 14.4kbps maximum, huuuuuge latency.  You'll be sorrrr-rrrrrry!

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