Hotsync problem narrowed to the "Contacts" folder, now what?

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My boss has a Treo 650 and was hotsyncing fine until we recently started
getting an error that said there was a conflict in the conduits and
directing us to the Custom tab in Hotsync.   There did not seem to be any
conflicts (the example in the error message was attempting to sync Address
Book and Contacts), so we put all at "Do Nothing" to test it out.  It
synched without any problem.  So, we began adding in one new "synch" at a
time, and found out that the problem child is "Contacts", which did not seem
to be a problem before.  We do not have "Address Book" chosen, so I don't
see where there can be a conflict.

Is it likely a corruption issue?  If so, how can we fix it without having to
reinstall his HUGE number of contacts?  Thanks.

Re: Hotsync problem narrowed to the "Contacts" folder, now what?

VBM wrote:
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If he is able to view all the contacts on the Treo, try removing the
contact list files from hs computer and hotsyncing. They are usually
located in /Program Files/Palm/HotsyncID/Backup. For my Tungsten|E,
these files are:


Also, you could try moving these files off his Treo into a temporary
folder on an SD card, and hotsyncing to see if the problem is with the
conduit rather than the database files.

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