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My boss has the Sprint 650.  All was working fine with the synching, but
today we started getting an error.  A screen pops up on the desktop which
says that there is a conduit conflict which needs to be resolved through the
Custom option, such as making sure both Contacts or Address Book are not set
to synch.  We checked and we can't see any two things that are set to synch
that conflict.

On the log for both the 650 and the Desktop, though, we get a different
message. It says

"An application cancelled synchronization or failed to respond to a Hotsync
notification.  Please ensure that you are not currently editing data using
applications such as Palm OS Desktop or Install Tool. (8009)."

We are not doing either during the synch.

What can the problem be?

Re: Hotsync problem says...
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I got a similar problem when I tried out the Yahoo! Intellisync software
to synch with the online calendar.

Because the process was designed to replace the Palm Desktop I decided
to revert back.  But even after uninstalling, the Yahoo! conduit
remained installed and it required a deal of fiddling to fix it.

I recall a piece of software available to view conduits that are
installed detailed in the discussion on the Palm One support area.

Perhaps you will be able to identify the conduit issue here.

Alternatively you can uninstall the Palm Desktop program, also delete
the HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Software, U.S. Robotics registry entry.  Then
reinstall Palm desktop.  That should give you a clean install of the
software and conduits.

But my guess would be that you installed, perhaps unwittingly, a program
that took over the conduits leaving the Palm Desktop conduits also
running.  Hence the conflict of two conduits attempting to access the
same data.


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