HotSync Database needed

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Hi people,

I need a small (preferably free -- retired fixed income) database to
store my DVDs and VHS tape names (live in boonies, no TV). I am
currently using "List" which does the job ALMOST perfectly, BUT...

It does not really hotsync. If I make changes to both the PC data file
and different changes to the PDA, it will always overwrite the PDA
after a hotsync. I have tried messing with the HotSync "Custom" options
("PDA overwrite...) but it makes no difference.

I need to be able to change stuff on either machine, then after a
hotsync have both now updated.

Am I asking too much of a program (List) to do this? I thought that's
what hotsync meant, that it kept both PC and PDA matched.

If there is another Database program that will do this then I'd sure
appreciate the link to where it can be obtained as I just spent an hour
updating my PDA to have it all over-written by the older PC version
after a hotsync. Grrrrr.

Thanks in advance.


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