help with the software WordWizard

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Ive just bought a palm zire 31 and Ive installed the program

As I think, this program help you writting faster while using other
software such as memo, tasks, caendar,... You just need to write some
characters and then the symbol "TAB" (a ninety-degree-angle) and
Wordwizard will suggest the words of its thesaurus which start with
such characters.

Ive installed it and the english-library and I press the botton
"enable&exit". Then I try to use it with memo (and other programs) but
after writing some letters (pe of people, for example) and TAB nothing
happens. I dont get any suggestion!!!

Whats wrong??
doesnt it work at palm zire 31?
isnt TAB the symbol to make it work?
isnt a ninety-degree-angle the symbol of TAB?
should I activate or configurate every software where I want to use

Please, help me!!!

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