Help with my new business :)

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Hi all,
I am writing a new life-coaching piece of software that will be
essentially a life organiser that will also include diet-like
functionalities - amongst other things.

I am thinking of releasing the software for Windows Desktop, Mac OSX
AND.. (and that's the point of this posting) .. PalmOS! (And PocketPC
too, but please don't shoot the pianist!)

I'm still trying to keep the details quiet for now however I would
really appreciate it if you could take a small survey so I know whether
to target that piece of software to Palm users first or if I should
leave that aside for now and work on the PocketPC version (business is
business I suppose, demand-driven nonsense and the like).

It will only take a couple of minutes, the link is

Just click on "Take the survey" link, I would really appreciate it, thanks!

I will email the results of the survey some time in the future, so if
you like the sound of it, you can subscribe to the newsletter, too.


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