Help: Tungsten E2 on Mac. No pictures!

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I would appreciate any help on this matter:
I don't know what I could be doing wrong but I can't get ANY pictures
uploaded on my Tungsten E2. I don't have SD cards but my system memory
is free. All I see are those 2 default pictures... Arrrrgth!!! What am
I doing wrong, or what am I not doing at all....?


Re: Help: Tungsten E2 on Mac. No pictures!

"McMac" wrote:

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Are you following the instructions under "Using Palm Photos" in the
manual? If so, have you read the Macintosh "Photo and Audio Readme"
file in the documentation folder (located in the Palm folder)? If
neither of these resolve the problem, you may be trying to copy images
too large for the memory. If that is not the case, please be a little
more specific about what exactly you are doing and what the results of
that are. This might help narrow down the problem somewhat.


Re: Help: Tungsten E2 on Mac. No pictures!

Ok, let's try narrowing things down. First of all I just downloaded all
the manuals available on the Support for Palm Tungsten E Handhelds site
( ).
The "Read This First" guide is not the case;
The "Tungsten E Handobook" refers to a chapter 11 (pg 109) "USING PALM
PHOTOS", which I understood as a software that I don't have, did'n come
with my CD installer and is not available on their site (at least I
couldn't find the link for Macintosh OS based computers - It seems like
it's only for windows (?)),
And the last one is the simplified "Getting Started with Photos
(yeah...I wish..), Music and Videos". On pg 3 it says to use the "SEND
TO DROPLET" to transfer images after the HotSync opp. Ha-Ha-Ha...
really??? Nothing happens! I've tried JPGs, PDFs, GIFs all small files
and nothing...
It's really something either stupid that I'm missing or in fact it's
impossible to upload and view pictures on this E2, maybe defective???

I'm using Palm OS=AE Garnet v. 5.4.7,
The Palm Desktop is v. 4.2.1,
HotSync v 3.2.1,

I haven't tried yet to load films on it... Anyways, it directs the clip
to the SD card (I don't have one). I read somewhere that I need to
install QuickTime on my Palm? And somewhere else I read that I should
install the "KINOMA" software - which again was not part of my
"software essencials" folder in my original CD...

The only multimedia apps on the palm device are: "MEDIA", "REALPLAYER",
and "WEB".

The "Photo and Audio Readme" file does not add any new information. It
says the same thing on another file (Use droplet, blablabla...)

I'm really lost here....
Thanks again.

Re: Help: Tungsten E2 on Mac. No pictures!

"McMac" wrote:
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  Sorry about that. You're right - the Palm Photos application is a
Windows only option.

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  This is one of those times where it would be nice to have a Mac
sitting in front of me. I occasionally use one for work (but rarely
for Palm related activities), while I have a PC sitting in front of me
here at home. Anyway, check the "Send to Handheld" droplet for any
missed settings, though I doubt settings are the real problem.
Regardless, check that you're sending the files to the correct user
(the correct user name for your device).

  Here is a web site outlining the steps to transfer graphics files
from a Mac to a Palm... /

Perhaps you can find something there.

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  I doubt there is anything wrong with the Palm hardware itself. This
sounds much more like a software or user issue. I assume you have no
problems synching other items to the Palm, which suggests the conduits
are setup correctly.

  Try manually installing the graphics files using the "Install
Handheld Files" window. Transfer them just as you would any other
application or file. Do remember you need an application on the Palm
to view the files (iPhoto or some other image editing application).

  If that works, focus again on that "Send to Handheld" droplet as the
source of the problem (settings, damaged, currupt, or whatever).

  Really wish I could offer something more concrete.


Re: Tungsten E2 on Mac. No pictures!

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I'm no Mac expert, but I know on my palm I have to put the pictures into the
folder for the viewer, in my case picture gear.  If I just transfer them to
the card I can see them there when I access the card but can't view the

                                                Hope this helps,

Re: Help: Tungsten E2 on Mac. No pictures!

On 6 Apr 2006 09:16:08 -0700, McMac
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I use a card reader.  Photos should be placed in the dcim folder.  
The Photo app can copy pictures from the card to internal memory.

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