Help finding inexpensive PDA to listen to web broadcast?

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Looking for recoemendations for a wireless PDA to listen to web
broadcasts.  I currently download them to an mp3 format, copy them to
an SD Memory card, then listen to them on an mp3 player.  I was
wondering if I can't cut out a few steps by just having a PDA that can
connect thorugh my home's wireless router, and listen to them directly
from the webpage.   There are so many PDAs out there though I am having
trouble figuring out if this is even possible ( I don't want a phone
that connects to the internet, and I don't want to incur any surfing
charges; I already pay subscription fees for the content).  Any help is
appreciated.  It would be great if I could buy used from ebay too.

Re: Help finding inexpensive PDA to listen to web broadcast?

As it stands ur pretty stuck, any pda with wifi costs a "pretty penny". As i
far as i see it your going to have to buy something cheapish, and wifi card.
the card alone is 80/$100+. The cheapest that "should" work is an Tungsten
E for about 120/$150 and the wifi card i mentioned earlier the next best
thing is a Hp2215, not sure how much that would set you back.

Plus the battery life on most pda's doing that kind of thing is normally
about 3 hours.
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